5/3 Discussion BI Read Chapters 9 and 10 in your textbook : Principles of Information Systems Using the discussion link below, respond to the following p

5/3 Discussion BI Read Chapters 9 and 10 in your textbook : Principles of Information Systems
Using the discussion link below, respond to the following p

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  1. Read Chapters 9 and 10 in your textbook : Principles of Information Systems
  2. Using the discussion link below, respond to the following prompts and questions:
    1. Describe the use of business intelligence (BI) in a real-world situation that you have experienced, or research BI used within a Fortune 1000 organization. What tools are used for reporting and decision making? Why would managers and senior leadership want to have BI delivered as a set of dashboards?
    2. How should BI be used to make decisions in an organization?
    3. Conduct research using the internet, and discuss trends in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics.
  3. Your initial post should be at least 300 words and supported with credible outside references.

4. Review the posts attached and reply in 150 words individually. 

5. Include citations to at least one credible information source in your replies.

(a)Business Intelligence and its Tools

                Business Intelligence (BI) helps the organizations to provide better strategic decisions for further development of the business services by representing the present and actual data with its business context (Ain et al., 2019). For instance, Fortune 1000 organization are known to be one of the largest American organizations to enhance the process of Big Data technology towards the consumer’s services. Fortune 1000 has provided 1000 largest companies to authorize the business services in the USA for building better revenues towards the development of economic growth. 

           The strategic tools of the BI help an organization to build the growth of the productivity or services under specific integrating capabilities which are listed as follows –

SAP Objective Business: This tool refers to BI software by providing strategic reports, business analyses, and collective data visualization. 

Data Pine: It is one of the essential tools of the BI platform that authorizes the composite process of data analytics for strategic decision-making in an organization.

Micro Strategy: It signifies an enterprise BI tool that provides a high-speed dashboard of business services and data analytics. This business tool can identify data analytics trends and implement new productivity of the business services (Ain et al., 2019).

SAS Business Intelligence: This BI tool facilitates advanced anticipative data analytics that implements an excellent business service platform.

While overviewing the BI studies, leaders and managers have essential roles in providing strategic decision-makings to provide better business outcomes in an organization. The organizational leaders help establish an associative approach towards the BI services managed efficiently (Cheng, Zhong & Cao, 2020). At the same time, BI managers authorize the administrative team to focus on providing strategic decision-making of specific planned projects by supplying the data of business reports and implementing the qualitative analysis of the business services (Cheng, Zhong & Cao, 2020).

(b)Use of BI to make decisions in an organization

Business Intelligence (BI) helps extract the essential facts of the business reports from a vast amount of unstructured flow of data analytics. In the solution of the unstructured business method, BI helps the organization provide workable information that helps make wise strategic decisions of the business services (Cheng, Zhong & Cao, 2020). However, certain aspects of BI help the organization make better data-driven decisions under specific conditions, such as identifying strategies to make a profit, analyzing customer behavior, tracking the performance of the services, taking measurable steps against the business issues, and optimizing the operational services. BI arms the organization with helpful data resources to achieve its business goals and targets by implementing strategic decision-making of the business services (Cheng, Zhong & Cao, 2020).

(c)Trends in the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

Artificial Intelligence is an intellectual scope for the business services in an organization to make various essential trends in society. The focus of AI operation helps improve the efficiency of the technological measures for its positive outcomes (Takeuchi & Yamamoto, 2020). Some trends of AI have provided the organization to improve its operational services and structural designs for its sound business outcomes. For example, cloud computing can result in an excellent AI trend for business services that helps to store relevant information in a particular database application.

In the robotic trends, the software bots can constantly detect alternates in the work environment by utilizing robust sensors and taking measurable actions against the threats (Batth, Nayyar & Nagpal, 2018). For instance, cyber-security considers one of the most powerful software robotic trends in business services for delivering specific actions against illegal cyber-threats (spyware and viruses).






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