6/5 Paper In this final assignment, you will be adding your recommendations for improving the information system’s infrastructure that you researched and c

6/5 Paper In this final assignment, you will be adding your recommendations for improving the information system’s infrastructure that you researched and c

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  1. In this final assignment, you will be adding your recommendations for improving the information system’s infrastructure that you researched and completed in the Workshop Two summary of your organization’s mission, goals, and strategies and the Workshop Four organizational SWOT analysis.
  2. This last phase of the final project will be your recommendations based upon the SWOT analysis you conducted in Workshop Four.
  3. You should identify at least four improvements and provide a thorough explanation for each of your recommendations.
  4. Your final paper should include the following sections:
    1. Introduction
    2. Summary of the organization’s mission, goals, and strategies from the Workshop Two paper
    3. SWOT analysis from the Workshop Four paper
    4. Recommendations as noted for this section above
    5. Conclusion
    6. References
  5. The total length of the paper should be 10–15 pages. You may use graphics or other features within your paper; however, these do not count toward the 10–15 page total.
  6. Make sure your paper is double-spaced and uses APA format. The paper should have a minimum of five references.


SWOT analysis


In analyzing an organization, it is essential to look at both the external and internal factors that affect the performance of an organization and its operations. SWOT analysis is an analysis that looks at both the internal factors and the external factors. It is a framework that can be used to evaluate the competitive strategy and the competitiveness of an organization. The SWOT analysis includes its strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats related to an organization.

SWOT analysis


There are various strengths that the organization has, and one of them is high financial performance. The company’s financial performance is indicated by the ROI, net profit, and gross margins and hence a high performance means that the business is making enough revenues. High financial performance is suitable for an organization because it will enable the company to have enough funds for expansion and even meet operational expenses and short-term obligations in the business (Benzaghta et al., 2021). The affordability of the products the organization sells can be considered a strength, and this is because the affordability of products will help attract and retain customers in the organization.

The organization has a variety of products, which attracts more customers because they have a lot of products from which they can select. The business has a positive brand image, which means that the customers and the public have a positive idea of the business, which is a good thing. The positive brand image is because of the affordability of the products sold by the business and the organization’s focus towards ensuring that the well-being of its employees and customers is protected (Teoli et al., 2019). The business’s customer service is excellent, which means that customers who buy from the organization have a positive customer experience. This is good because it helps encourage repeat purchases.


Despite the excellent performance of the organization, it has various weaknesses that it needs to work on so that it can achieve a good performance. One, the organization has lousy management, which means that the people in charge oversee the activities and the operations within the organization (Teoli et al., 2019). Bad management is a serious problem because without structures and policies in place to ensure that the activities within the entity run smoothly. Without a proper management framework, the organization faces challenges because it cannot push staff and employees towards attaining long-term goals and objectives.

Another weakness of the organization is that the employees are inefficient. The employees are not efficient and lack the motivation to put in efforts towards the organization’s vision and goals. Inefficiency means that employees do not maximumly use their skills and the available resources to help achieve the business’s purposes. Another weakness is that the supply chain is not adequate. There are disruptions in the flow of goods from the distributors to the company; the organization has to wait for a long time before they get the products they order from the suppliers.


The organization has various opportunities that it can take advantage of to help it grow. One of them is to identify new markets in new locations where the products sold can fetch market. E-commerce is becoming a trend, and the organization can effectively increase its revenues if it can sell the products online because it will reach a broader market (Teoli et al., 2019). Additionally, the organization can improve its performance by forming mergers with other organizations and through acquisitions.


One of the threats that the organization is facing is competition. Since the industry is open with limited trade barriers, it is easy for new companies to get into the industry and become a threat to the organization. Another threat is economic uncertainties that could lead to increased prices for materials and goods, lowering the profits (Vlados, 2019). The organization shares its information online, exposing it to cybercrime, hackers, and crackers who want to use the data for malicious reasons.


To help recommend ways to improve a business, it is first imperative to assess the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. From the analysis, the organization is doing well because it has enormous profits, various products, and very affordable prices. Recommendations should be geared towards improving the weaknesses of the organization.


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analysis applications: An integrative literature review. Journal of Global Business Insights6(1), 55-73.

Teoli, D., Sanvictores, T., & An, J. (2019). SWOT analysis.

Vlados, C. (2019). On a correlative and evolutionary SWOT analysis. Journal of Strategy

and Management.

SWOT analysis


1. High financial performance.

2. Affordability of products.

3. Availability of variety of products.

4. Positive brand image.

5. Good customer service


1. Bad management

2. Inefficient employees

3. Bad supply chain


1. Expand into new markets

2. E commerce business

3. Forming mergers and acquiscitions to reach a bigger market.

1. Competition from new entrants

2. Disruptions of the economy causing an increase in prices of products.

3.Cyber security issues

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