9750 Ppt it is 15 page slides ppt  You are using the assigned Canadian Resource Commodity URANIUM and your chosen target Country ( Azerbaijan republic), N

9750 Ppt it is 15 page slides ppt

 You are using the assigned Canadian Resource Commodity URANIUM and your chosen target Country ( Azerbaijan republic), N

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9750 Ppt it is 15 page slides ppt

 You are using the assigned Canadian Resource Commodity URANIUM and your chosen target Country ( Azerbaijan republic), Nuclear Medicine and Uranium Ore

The central theme of this submission will be on the positive and negative news surrounding the Canadian Commodity Uranium ore and processed product on the UN Sustainable Goals, as shown pictured on the next page.


You are using the assigned Canadian Resource Commodity URANIUM and your chosen target Country, following closely the country designated.


Essential information should be the effect of FAKE NEWS on the shipment of URANIUM Products and its impact on trade and market entry within your chosen destination Country. 


It would be best to illustrate how this Canadian commodity URANIUM will positively affect the given destination country you or your team have selected. You may work individually or as a group (2,3,4) member. If working in a group, you must choose one of the TEAM’s members destination countries (if different) to complete your Final Submission on or before December 20, 2021, at 11.59 a.m. This should be carefully chosen if the team represents numerous home country or


The PPT/Keynote presentation must include Uranium’s benefits and potential drawbacks in applying the UN Sustainable Development goals shown next. 

All FIVE (5) of these goals can be discussed from both sides of the argument. Still, the emphasis should be placed on Canada’s position that this commodity is safe in the right hands. You will be allowed to support or deny the efficacy of this commodity in your final slide of the presentation.

The Five Possible U.N. Sustainable Goals for Comparison in this exam

Process Instructions:



· EACH PPT Keynote presentation will be sent in the original format, NOT as a PDF document so that Dr. Marshall can play your exam

· if you plan to work as a team, clearly label each participant’s full name and student number, the name with the surnames in alphabetical order with student number on the cover slide or at the last slide in the submission. 

· Within the slides themselves, Do not use a font size less than 20 pt

· Make sure you animate and use appropriate transitions.

· Suggested professional fonts are Helvetica Neuve light or thin, Arial, or Calibri.

· The PPT should have a minimum of 12 slides. More will likely be necessary. There is no upward limit but remember “less is more.” 

· Use legitimate news sources and corporate documents to create this submission.

· The Project should be BRANDED in connection with your URANIUM commodity provider.

· Choice of colour and design is essential to this PPT consistent with the product you are selling to your target market.

· When working alone, you must also include ONE reference slide for (photos, contents, and news sources URLs) as an add-on slide at the end of the production.

· You may also create a cover slide with all the demographic data about the document you have produced, i.e., participant name(s), student number(s) etc. 

· When working as a group of 2,3, or 4, only ONE reference slide (photos and content, & news source URL’s) should be included along with the names, student numbers and other identifying information for all the program contributors as an add-on slide. 

· Also, if working as a TEAM, only one member will submit the assignment on the due date of December 20, at 11.59 pm EST. Earlier submission will be appreciated particularly if you are doing an individual exam.


· Thirty-five (35) marks total – collaboratively marked across the core using the following approach.

· Five marks for each UN Goal and associate arguments presented on the theme of “good news fake news” if you decide to compare all five. The marks change will depend on the number of SDGs chosen. Choosing two (minimum) would realize up to 12.5 marks for each comparison.

This is the making scale for 2 – 5 SDGs

· 2 SDGs = 12.5 each for the 25 marks

· 3 SDGs = 8.33 each for the 25 marks

· 4 SDGs = 6.25 each for the 25 marks

· 5 SDGs = 5.0 each for the 25 marks

· You must contrast and compare a minimum of 2 of the 5 SDGs proposed. This comparison should always be from the dual viewpoint of the “Good, the Bad and the UGLY” (just a colloquial phrase from the movie) as a technique for your comments. Give me both sides and favour the one you like for each SDG you have chosen.

· The final Ten marks is for process and creativity in your presentation, including appropriate “bells and whistles, BRANDING, animations, insertions etc. Narration and video inserts are all welcome but not required. 

· Slide minimum 15 slides whether working as an individual or a group, with cover and references included. There is no maximum but remember your production is viewed and marked, not weighed. 

Label your project as follows when you send by email attachment as requested below:

Here are some helpful URLs to consider








Other examples include ones you have used previously and can be found by reviewing the Assignment URL’s early in the course.

The CIA World Factbook
Encyclopedia Britannica
The home website of your URANIUM Supplier

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