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Kindergarten Math Homework: How to Help Your Kid Not to Lag Behind

In kindergarten, kids should not receive lots of homework, but some tasks may still seem difficult to deal with. Therefore, they need some help. The problem is that parents often do not know what they should do in order to improve their kids’ performance. The following suggestions provide information on how you can help your kid with math homework.

  1. Even if you do not like math and everything related to numbers, you should teach your kid that counting can be entertaining and fun. Learn several counting songs and sing them with your kid. You can borrow several fun counting books from the local library. Books with counting games like dominos, crazy eights, and snakes and ladders are also very helpful.
  2. Use your PC or tablet and teach your kid how to play great math computer games. Many of these games are offered by local computer stores or can be purchased online. Some online resources provide free math games. However, you should check them first and choose those without advertisements.
  3. You should start easy and then work up when you see how your kid improves his or her understanding. After he or she gets hand counting by one, you can introduce skip counting.
  4. It is fun to use household items for counting practice. You can show how to add and subtract the numbers using small stuff. When your kid is good enough with these simple things, you can start teaching simple multiplication.
  5. Every kid is curious, so use it. Organize a number hunt together and find out where numbers are used; such as TV, a clock, calendar, mobile phones, newspapers, and the like.
  6. Children face math problems every day, so you can use routine activities to improve their math skills. For example, ask your kid how many plates you need to serve for dinner, or how much time is left for the evening cartoon show.
  7. Your kitchen is a perfect location where you can explain basic math terms and concepts. Of course, it might be a bit messy; but it is fun to weigh ingredients, measure silverware, and calculate the time you need to bake muffins.
  8. Explain the concept of time; talk about minutes, hours, days, weeks, and years. Teach your kids to calculate how many days are left before his or her birthday. You can also provide explanations on what a prediction and estimate is. These concepts are not easy to gasp, so be patient.

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