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How to Survive College Homework Assignments

When you are struggling with your homework you can turn to a professional tutor to get the extra help that you need and survive your homework assignments.

The main advantage of teachers is that they have a better understanding of the curriculum. They understand everything about it. Unfortunately, some tutors don’t have a lot of experience in the curriculum and its development. Teachers understand the best things to teach the students and then use their skills to provide a holistic education to the students. They are also responsible with marking the content that the students d which gives them a hedge against the tutors.

  • Another fact that can be concluded from this is that teachers make the best tutors but mostly they lack the time to teach. For tutors, they have all the time to teach because mostly this is usually their full-time job. Therefore, teachers make the best tutors.
  • However, many schools usually forbid their teachers from tutoring their kids because of fear of favouritism. Therefore, this usually is a challenge to teachers who get a chance to tutor their students during the weekend or during the free time. The schools forget that many students search for tutors because of various problems such as attention deficiency.
  • Others seek tutors because of issues affecting their families at home such as family disputes. I recommend that students should get tutors who will help them bridge the gap in areas that they don’t understand clearly. A private tutor has a lot to offer to the student especially when they are paid well and are selected from quality institutions.
  • One of the many challenges that affects tutoring is the general lack of regulation in the tutoring industry. In fact, in many places, people who have just completed campus and who are over 15 are qualified to be tutors. The main problem is that the attempts to regulate these institutions have often failed. The main solution that many experts believe would work is to let the schools self-regulate the private tutoring world.

The fact is that if schools take the role of self-regulating the private tuition sector, there will be sanity. The students doing home tuition will most likely receive value for their money. A good example of addressing this issue is by letting the schools interview the private tutors and then advising the parents on who to use.

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