ANLY699 Business & Finance homework help

ANLY699 Business & Finance homework help

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The types of references I am finding for my report are mostly scholarly resources, but I have also found YouTube videos for tutorials and different articles that explore some of the research that I am trying to perform. The hardest part about putting together a reference list for the project is finding articles that are specific to my area of research. Even after all the school, I have accomplished, I still find it difficult sometimes to find references that are specific and related to my research. 

Some of the skills required to accomplish my final project are proficiency with Excel and basic knowledge of RStudio. I will need to know how to perform different analytical functions in these applications to gather the correct data and analyze it properly. I do have some of these skills, but some references that I plan to use will also help me further develop those skills to ensure I am providing accurate findings. 

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