Assessment 2 Evidence-Based Practice Project Paper Course Name: Nursing Research Course Number: NM465 Objective: 1. Explain the rol

Assessment 2

Evidence-Based Practice Project Paper

Course Name: Nursing Research

Course Number: NM465


1. Explain the rol

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Assessment 2

Evidence-Based Practice Project Paper

Course Name: Nursing Research

Course Number: NM465


1. Explain the role of nursing research within clinical practice.



In this assignment, you will describe a patient problem that you see or have seen in practice. You will then identify, revise, or develop a policy, protocol, algorithm, or standardized guideline to be used in your practice site that is based on current research evidence. You are proposing the implementation of an intervention that is supported by research; thus you are proposing an evidence-based practice (EBP) project. You are not proposing a
study to be conducted in your agency.

Your final paper should be no more than 5 pages, which does not include the protocol, policy, or algorithm, and references for your project. This assignment is worth 100 points.

Ideas for Selection of an Evidence-Based Intervention for Practice

Describe a patient problem that is relevant to your practice. It can be any patient care problem or issue that is of interest to you in your current practice or for your future role as an administrator. Find an intervention that is considered effective based on research to manage this problem. Important clinical areas that have been researched include the following:

· Fall prevention or management
· Prevention of pressure ulcers
· IV and/or arterial line management
· Infection control problems—select a specific situation
· Pain identification, documentation, and/or management
· Visitation in ICUs
· Family involvement intervention based on research
· Nurse Retention intervention
· Alternative staffing process
· Safety—pick a specific situation and implement a research-based intervention to manage it.
· Shift of care from hospital to home and/or ambulatory care centers
· Nursing leadership—effective leadership behavior that is research based
· Communication of shift report in specialized way based on research
· Provision of specific aspect of care (research-based intervention) to patients with illness such as hypertension, diabetes, congestive heart failure, chronic obstructive lung disease, asthma, obesity, renal problems, gastrointestinal problems, or mental health problems.

Include the following in your paper:

· Introduction—provide a brief introduction of your paper including a purpose statement at the end of the introduction (one paragraph)

· Summarize your project topic—include a summary of the patient problem project you chose and the rationale for choosing it; provide support for choosing your topic from the healthcare literature showing that this is a patient problem (2-3 paragraphs)

· Literature review—include relevant scholarly, peer-reviewed articles that discuss your patient problem and the proposed intervention. Summarize what is known and not know about the problem selected. At least 3-5 articles should be included in your literature review. (3-5 paragraphs)

· Proposed Change—Discuss your revision/identification/development of a policy/protocol/algorithm/standardized guideline to be used in your practice site; analyze how it will be implemented and potential affected parties. (provide a copy as an appendix to your paper with any relevant references included) If you are revising a current policy/protocol, please include the original, as well. (3-5 paragraphs)

· Conclusion—Summarize your paper including your patient problem and proposed change; do not introduce new information here, simply synthesis the information you provided in your paper.

Original KS
Revised KBY

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