Assignemnt Due By 24 Hours here’s no specific pages there 4 questions that need to be answered Case Analysis and Case Notes Assignment – 15% ASSIGNMENT L

Assignemnt Due By 24 Hours here’s no specific pages there 4 questions that need to be answered Case Analysis and Case Notes Assignment – 15%


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here’s no specific pages there 4 questions that need to be answered

Case Analysis and Case Notes Assignment – 15%


By the end of this assignment, students will be able to:

1. Describe and assess the client’s situation from critical anti-oppressive -social justice


2. Identify the key social and systemic issues that are shaping the client’s lived reality

3. Analyze the case using relevant theoretical concepts from the course

4. Recognize the importance of perspective taking when working with clients

5. Understand why case notes are important documentation for your clients

6. Write effective case notes that follow best practices as outlined in the course

7. Demonstrate the ability to identify facts from inferences

8. Retell the client’s story from a strengths based and social justice perspective

9. Demonstrate the ability to meet deadlines and follow instructions carefully


1. CLO -2 – Identify and consider how individual biases, triggers, social location,
experience and values may affect interactions or contribute to oppression with respect
to race, ethnicity, national origin, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or
expression, age, marital status, political belief, religion, immigration status and mental
or physical disability.

2. CLO – 5 – Use reflective tools to learn and gain insights from interaction with clients and
coworkers and value, accept and incorporate relevant feedback as presented by others
into practice.

3. CLO – 6 – Apply trauma informed approaches and strength-based intervention
techniques in a manner which demonstrates respect for client’s lived experiences and
social location

4. CLO – 8 – Observe, identify and report on client behavior orally, in writing and
electronically in an accurate and timely manner consistent with legal and organizational

5. CLO – 11 – Demonstrate job readiness and responsibility for one’s own skill acquisition,
actions and decisions by practicing skills and managing deadlines through timely


Your typed paper should be double spaced, 1” margins, Arial or Calibri, 12-point font. This
assignment is worth 15% and is due February 15. Please upload your completed assignment in
the Case Notes assignment drop box on Blackboard in an accessible file format (Word or PDF),
as two attachments – one with the answers to questions 1 – 4 and the other with the

completed intake form for question 5. Please ensure that you follow APA guidelines where

Please use a question and answer format. Assignment uploaded as one large paragraph will
receive a mark of 0%.


Read the scenario below and in a question-and-answer format, type your answers to the
questions that follow using critical social justice / anti oppressive lens.

Case Study: Oliver Family – Case File/Client ID – CJS153RLW22

The client Jack Joaquin Oliver, a 38-year-old from Romania born Nov 5 1982, and his 35-year-
old wife, Nancy are here today to see you, (the Intake Worker) at Family Services to seek
relationship counselling with the complaint of “family problems.” Jack was referred by his
family doctor Dr. Kwesi Yeboah, and has been married for twelve years. He has two children
with his wife Nancy, a son aged six and a daughter aged eight. They live on 3199 Lakeshore
Avenue Toronto for eight years. This is a power neighborhood that has a lot of crime and
illegal activities happening. Jack worked as a machine operator in a factory for five years
before being “laid off” six months ago. You think that is definitely a benefit to the agency as
his drinking could put others at risk. He presently works as a day laborer on a construction site
with IVIC Construction Ltd.

Nancy works as a babysitter for a family. She loves children – she feels young when around
them. However, she also feels guilty for spending her time raising someone else’s child. She
grew up in a large family in a small town about two hours north of Toronto. She had a great
childhood, often played in the nearby woods with kids in the neighborhood. She had a dog
named Cookie that she loved very much. The dog was over protective of her and would feel
jealous if she had spent too much time playing with her friends. What a wonderful and
privileged childhood she had.

Back to the case, Jack complains that Nancy has recently started “to nag” him about his
drinking. It seems like she is worried about him and he should be happy that she cares. He
admits that during the last few months he has increased his intake of alcohol, but denies that
this is a problem for him, as he drinks “only on the weekends, and never during the week.” He
drinks every weekend, but is vague about the actual amount. Jack likes to hang out with his
friends and it should be okay if he only drinks once a week. In a way, he wants to feel “like a
man”. In my opinion, he is in denial and I think Nancy is right, he has a drinking problem and
he knows it. Maybe she loves him too much and is afraid it will affect their children, especially
their son.

The two children of Jack and Nancy are very beautiful and have blue eyes like Jack and fair

skin like their mom. So pretty! You hope that they do not see his drinking, as you know that
this can affect them in school as well as their emotional wellbeing.

Jack and his wife speak of the difficulties they experience living in Toronto. Neither have close
family members here. The rent is high, too much traffic going back and forth to work, and
then picking up the kids from school, grocery shopping etc. I think they feel overwhelmed
with life and should go back and live in Nancy’s town where they can enjoy family support.
After all, it is supposed to be a safe place for the kids to run around and make decent friends.
They may also have a better chance of an education given that Jack only completed one year
in college before quitting school.

Jack seems a very honest and caring man. He admits to being quite worried about his
previous lay off, adding that he did not want to “let the family down” in his responsibilities. As
a result, he works long days in order to make ends meet. His weekend drinking is, for him, his
way of relaxing, which he feels that he deserves.

The intake session lasted for 30 minutes after which a follow up appointment was booked for
Jack to meet with the therapist Almaz Sheikh on Februrary 22nd at 11:30am. Their postal code
is M1G 4T4. His wife Nancy is his emergency contact and their home phone number is 416-
123-1234. They both consented to release of information when required and confirmed that
it is OK to leave a message on the home phone.


Imagine that you are Mr. Oliver and it is your first meeting with the intake worker at Family

Services Toronto. With that in mind, answer the first 4 questions below.

1. What are three emotions you (Jack Oliver) are feeling and why? Give a specific reason

for each of the emotions.

2. How would you like the workers to treat you? why? (be sure to eplain in detail what that

would look like for you. Do not assume that we all have the same meaning or

expectations for behaviors)

3. What are two situations in your (Jack’s) life / story where you would want the workers

to show empathy? What would you want them to say in each case? Please use direct


4. What are two things about your life, situation or behaviour you would want them to

validate and what would you want them to say? (Construct one natural validation AND

one skilled validation and be sure to use direct quotes)

Now that you understand things from Jack’s perspective, use social justice and anti-

oppressive lens to complete your casenotes / Intake summary:

5. You have just received a call from Jack’s lawyer requesting confirmation that he is

getting support and that your report will aid in an upcoming and unrelated court case he

has. They requested that the records be sent to the lawyers office no later than

11:59pm on Feb 15th. Failure to meet this deadline can result in irreparable harm to Jack

and his family as well as to your agency’s reputation.

a. Using the guidelines for crafting professional case notes, and the information

contained within the scenario, fill out the intake form and Intake summary to

send to the lawyer. (do not go over the two pages that are part of the form,

Ensure your sumary report fit on the second page ONLY). See markng rubric for


  • Case Analysis and Case Notes Assignment – 15%

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