Assignment 2: Conditioning Pape The full description of learning objectives, instructions, and a grading rubric are available here: Assignment 2 Conditioni

Assignment 2: Conditioning Pape The full description of learning objectives, instructions, and a grading rubric are available here: Assignment 2 Conditioni

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Assignment 2: Conditioning Pape The full description of learning objectives, instructions, and a grading rubric are available here: Assignment 2 Conditioning Proposal 
Download Assignment 2 Conditioning Proposal.
Use your Assignment 2 Outline as a starting point for this paper, and be sure to make necessary corrections from my outline feedback. Then follow the instructions to write the paper. At the bottom of this Carmen page, you can see the detailed rubric I will use for grading. Make sure every item on that rubric is addressed in your paper. 
APA citation formatting requirements can be found below and are described in full here: APA formatting (Links to an external site.)

Double spaced, 1 inch margins, 2 page minimum to 3 page maximum (only includes Introduction, Methods, and Expected Results), Title page, Abstract page, and Reference page DO NOT count toward the page count.
In-text citations should come at the end of a sentence when you are describing or defining a a term from the textbook. The in-text citation looks like this (Cacioppo & Freberg, 2019, p. student adds page or section numbers here).
Full text citation goes at the end of the paper and looks like this:

Cacioppo, J. T. & Freberg, L. A. (2019). Discovering Psychology: The science of mind (3rd Edition). Boston, MA: Cengage. 
If you correctly cite our textbook, it should be marked as similar in the plagiarism review because you did it right! If it isn’t marked as similar, then you did something wrong and need to correct the citation. Assignment 2: Conditioning Experiment Proposal (30 points)

Assignment Rationale
This assignment offers a way for you to demonstrate your critical thinking skills and use your newly gained knowledge of classical or operant conditioning to explore human behavior. Imagine you are a Research Psychologist trying to get approval to conduct an experiment. Before you can get approval from the Institutional Review Board, you need to write a full proposal of your project. Your proposal needs to describe who your subject is, what your study aims are, what methods you will use, what ethical concerns your study may present, and what the possible outcomes will be.

Learning Objectives
· Promote critical thinking. Assess and evaluate psychological theories, applications, and research methods and ethics. Learn how to apply theories and methods to real-world examples.
· Student success and development. Learn how to interpret psychological research and gain insight into how psychological principles can be applied.

· Develop an APA style research proposal describing a human subject and one of his/her/their behaviors you wish to modify using the principles of Classical or Operant Conditioning. The course textbook (Chapter 8) should be your primary source for this assignment. You are permitted to use other outside sources as long as they are scholarly and are in addition to the textbook. See Resources below for links to scholarly sources.
· Address each point in the assignment grading rubric. Your proposal should include all of the following labeled sections: Title page, Abstract page, Introduction, Methods, Expected Results, References page. The body of the paper (which includes Introduction, Methods, and Expected Results) needs to be 2 pages minimum and 3 pages maximum. The other sections (Title, Abstract, and Citations pages) do not count toward the 2-3-page requirement.
· Follow academic integrity guidelines: your work must be your own original writing, put all definitions in your own words, do not reuse work from a previous class, and cite your sources at the end of your paper.
· Papers must follow APA formatting and citation guidelines. See Resources below for a link to the requirements.
· Upload the finished paper to Assignment 2 in Carmen before the posted deadline. Your document must be in one of the following formats: doc, docx, pdf.

· APA formatting and citation requirements can be found at Purdue Online Writing Lab

· Scholarly sources can be found through the OSU Library search on the home page. Select Articles+ instead of All, and type in your keyword search (for example, classical conditioning to quit smoking). You can refine your search by Source Type so results are limited to Academic Journals, or apply other filters if your search returns too many results. Select one of the articles and click on the title to display the research article. You may need to be signed in to access the research article.
· You can also use Google Scholar to find scholarly articles using a keyword search.
· OSU Library also has a Psychology Research Guide with links to research databases and other helpful information.

Assignment 2 Grading Rubric

Grade item description

Points Earned

Title page (1 point possible)
· 1 point – Study title, your name, course name, and my name are on Title Page.

Abstract page (2 points possible)
· 2 points – Abstract summarizes your Introduction, Methods, and Expected Results in one paragraph.

Introduction (9 points possible) Should be 1-2 paragraphs
· 1 points – Describe your subject.
· 2 points – Give a detailed description of the behavior you propose modifying.
· 3 points – Define the type of conditioning you will use (include in-text citation).
· 3 points – Describe why that type of conditioning is the better option for modifying the particular behavior (include in-text citation).

Methods (6 points possible) Should be 1-2 paragraphs
· 4 points – Describe your proposed methods for modifying the behavior and define all relevant terms or principles: e.g., unconditioned response, reward, etc. (include in-text citation).
· 2 points – Describe the time frame or define the schedule necessary for modifying the behavior (include in-text citation for conditioning schedule if used).

Expected Results (6 points possible) Should be 1-2 paragraphs
· 2 points – Describe your expected results concerning how the behavior will change following conditioning.
· 2 points – Describe any problems you may encounter during conditioning.
· 2 points – Describe the risks and benefits regarding ethical standards with your experiment and whether the risks or benefits are greater (include in-text citation from chapter 2).

Source is correctly cited in-text (2 points possible)
· 2 points – Sources used are provided in APA format in-text. The textbook is a required source, other sources are optional.

Reference page (2 points possible)
· 2 points – Sources used are provided in APA format at the end of the paper. The textbook is a required source, other sources are optional.

Grammar, length and formatting of the response (2 points possible)
· 2 points – Correct grammar, formatting, and length.


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