Assignment English homework help

Assignment English homework help

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 Explain your PE response with 1 or more sentences of detail (you can add it below or to what you already wrote above):


Personal Response Body Paragraph Activity (Assertion/Explanation/Evidence)

The purpose of this worksheet is to complete the first parts of your body paragraphs for the response essay based on the lesson instructions.

Write your assertions below. These should be only one simple sentence. Please don’t forget to use the thesis key word and paragraph key word as they are written in your thesis. Try to change the order of the words from the first to second sentence.

Body Paragraph 1:

Body Paragraph 2:

EXPLANATION: Now add your explanation sentences (you can do this separately below, or add them after the assertions above). Don’t forget to add your transitions (use the recommended transitions from the course pack).

Body Paragraph 1: (Transition + Explanation)

Body paragraph 2: (Transition + Explanation)

EVIDENCE: Share evidence from the prompt that supports your key words (you can do this separately below, or add them after the assertions above). Don’t forget to introduce with a transition as suggested in the course pack, as well as context for the quotation (i.e. information about what the quote was about, who the speaker is unless the speaker was already introduced).

Body Paragraph 1: (Transition + Context + “Quote” + (APA Citation))

Body Paragraph 2: (Transition + Context + “Quote” + (APA Citation))

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