BONUS Business & Finance homework help

BONUS Business & Finance homework help

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BONUS for Final Assignment

Turn in the following to DROPBOX (by the deadline in the assignment due date sheet):

– Provide your summary of the case situation (5 – 6 sentences)

– What are the major issues in the case? List 2 – 3 issues.

– Explain 3 “best practices” or ideas about good negotiation that would be helpful for the

negotiators in the case.

** Be sure to label the sections in the paper you turn in and also explain the best practices you

select for part three of the assignment.

** Bonus credit will be awarded is from 5 – 20 points based on completeness of information


Deadline to earn BONUS Points: Post to DROPBOX (near mid-term – see CONTENT

Assignment Due Dates for specific deadline.)

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