Case Study Case Study Questions Please read the case study and answer the questions that follow. Upload your answers to the questions in a Word Document.

Case Study Case Study Questions Please read the case study and answer the questions that follow. Upload your answers to the questions in a Word Document.

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Case Study Questions

Please read the case study and answer the questions that follow. Upload your answers to the questions in a Word Document.

School Improvement Case Study:

The Feasibility of Developing a Master’s of Education Program

A study was conducted among teachers in the City of Wertinburg, Mississippi (hypothetical city) and surrounding suburban areas. There are approximately 1600 teachers in the area. This case is about a multistage effort to determine if the need exists for a nearby university’s (Southland University) College of Education to incorporate a Master of Education program for certified teachers working within school districts in the area. The program will be tailored to current full-time teachers who hold a B.S. Degree.


There has been much teacher turnover in the school districts in and around the City of Wertinburg. The turnover ratios are expected to increase due to the aging of the teacher population, incentive buyout programs designed to encourage aging/elderly teachers to retire, and the lack of incentives for teachers in already hard to fill areas in math and science.


The faculty of Southland’s College of Education and university administrators conducted a brainstorming session last fall to identify university resources that might contribute to a master’s program in education. This was followed by a retreat with a well-known education consultant who reiterated the advantages of a program in the ongoing preparation of K–12 teachers in the area.

To further explore the opportunity for offering a Master of Arts degree, there were three focus groups conducted with local teachers and superintendents. Both groups were positive about the likelihood of a program customized to the needs of the various local school districts. Additionally, they provided direction for the desired content and orientation of an effective program. Such a program would need to:

• Deal with the diverse cognitive and social needs of students.

• Emphasize technological literacy for both teachers and students.

• Incorporate some functions to increase recruiting among teachers in math and science.

• Emphasize both program and classroom assessments by providing a sound research foundation for both curriculum and instruction.

• Address classroom management issues of student social skills, moral education, and discipline.

• Provide a framework for teachers to learn to collaborate with other teachers and community professionals.


Of the 1600 teachers, 763 responded to a preliminary survey that was mailed. Out of 763 teachers, 21.2 percent said they definitely would enroll, with an additional 57.7 percent who might enroll, citing professional requirements, professional advancement, or keeping their certification as the three primary reasons for enrolling. Those who expressed a lack of interest in a Master of Arts program expressed three obstacles: (1) the anticipated high cost, (2) time commitment for classes; and (3) family responsibilities. The university now needs to conduct a more in-depth research study to find out more details so they can examine the feasibility of having the program developed at the university.

Questions for Case Study

1. Do the results of the preliminary survey produce enough information for the university to make a decision? Explain your answer.

2. What would be a hypotheses for this case study?

3. If you were asked to serve as one of the research faculty for this study, what 3 important questions would you have liked the participants to answer during the preliminary study?

4. Do you think that the response/participation rate for the preliminary survey was beneficial? Why or Why Not?

5. What experimental design could be used to set up a study for this research project? Explain.

6. To conduct a true research study for this project, what may be the independent and dependent variables?

7. Would this type of study use ordinal or nominal scales for data collection? Explain.

8. Based on what you know about statistics today, what type(s) of statistical design would you use to analyze any data collected for this research? Explain why you would choose this design.

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