Case Study Take a moment to review the details of this assignment below and gather any necessary files. Once you’re ready to submit your assignment, move o

Case Study Take a moment to review the details of this assignment below and gather any necessary files. Once you’re ready to submit your assignment, move o

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Take a moment to review the details of this assignment below and gather any necessary files. Once you’re ready to submit your assignment, move on to Step 2.Assessment Description

The purpose of this Case Study assignment is to walk through the logical framework (LogFrame) and to create the project management documents needed to successfully lead a project.

General requirements:

Reread the Kitchen Heaven Project Case Study in Heldman et al. pages 84-87, 139-141, and 283-285 and read pages 190-193.  

Part 1: Action Steps Column (A)

  • Create a list of action steps or activities and enter them in the Inputs (the yellow portion) of the Logical Framework template. Be sure to include the associated Outcome each activity (see template). For each action step/activity add at least one assumption made related to the completion of the action step/activity.
  • Only define the action steps required to achieve each outcome. Resources, budget and due dates will be completed in Topic 7.
  • Each action step/activity should contain one and only one deliverable (i.e., one document, one action completed, one delivery made)
  • Each outcome will consist of a minimum of five action steps/activities.
  • Each action step/activity will have at least one assumption.

Part 2: Project Life-Cycles

  • Describe, in 500-750 words, the five project life-cycles defined by Schmidt (predictive, iterative, incremental, agile, and hybrid) and justify which life-cycle should be used to complete the Kitchen Heaven Project.
  • Minimum of three outside resources. Sources must be authoritative and not from a Wikipedia-type source. 

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. 

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion. 

You are required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite. A link to the LopesWrite technical support articles is located in Class Resources if you need assistance.

Benchmark Information

This Benchmark assignment assesses the following programmatic competencies:

BS Applied Management

1.6: Identify the project management lifecycle and determine how the lifecycle process affects organizations

BS Homeland Security and Emergency Management

2.3: Identify the project management lifecycle and determine how the lifecycle process affects organizations

Submission Ide: be903510-54e9-4e03-89e9-fc258245aa39

Internet Source 14%
Institution 0%

Guerline Joseph

Benchmark – Kitchen Heaven Project Case Study (Part 5)

 561 Words

ObjectivesSuccess MeasuresVerificationAssumptions
Goal:To reach Goal:
To launch the 50th Kitchen Heaven Branch which will be in Collorado Springs 6 months
from now.1. The 50th store of Kitchen Heaven will be opened 120 days after the
commencement of the project. 2. The store will have 1,500 square feet size that will be
adequate to serve all customers and have enough storage shelves for a variety of
products.1. Checking the completion date of the project, whether it matches with the
planned date. 2. Measurement of the square area covered by the new storeKitchen
Heaven will have to have a detailed plan on the construction and layout of their stores.
The company has enough resources to complete the project within the stated time.
Project team is highly motivated and goal oriented
Purpose:To reach Purpose:
To reach a wider market and fuel more sales through the opening of the New Retail Store
in Colorado.1. Kitchen Heaven will strategically place their 50th store in an area that has
more population. 2. The store in Colorado is well stocked when it is opened so that
customers can have access to wide variety of goods. 1. Assessment of the location
factors and assessing whether the location is ideal for the company. 2. Ensure the store
has adequate stores that are well stocked with variety of products.A lot of effort will be
put into researching the demographic factors of the new location to find an ideal place
for the new store. Colorado springs has a huge market for kitchen products. The
competition in the market is not high.
Outcomes:To produce Outcomes:
1. Increased demand for products in Colorado. 2. Improved Brand awareness in Colorado
and an increased footprint of the business in the kitchen utensils industry. 3. Increased
overall sales in Kitchen Heaven Outcome 1 1. The demand for the products is higher
compared to the demand in the previous years. 2. Demand for the products sold by
Kitchen Heaven is higher compared to most of the competitors. Outcome 2 1. More
customers know about the products sold by the company. 2. The customers have
confidence in the quality of products sold by the business. Outcome 3 1. Percentage
annual growth in sales is increased. 2. Current sales of the company are higher than sales
in previous years1. Monitoring demand for products sold by the business before and after
opening the Colorado retail store. 2. Market survey on brand awareness. 3. Checking
sales records for the business.There are many people that do not know about Kitchen
Heaven in Colorado. More people in Colorado are willing and able to purchased kitchen
households from the business. Colorado Springs market is open to trying new products
from a new company. The consumers are willing to take up market surveys.
InputsTo obtain & manage Inputs:
To ensure that the project has adequate resources to run the projects and complete it
within the scheduled time.Project budget & ScheduleProject documents such as Gantt
chart, WBS, Resource management plans e.t.c1. The project schedule is known to the
project team. 2. The project budget is sufficient to acquire the resources needed.
3.Supplier contracts are available to govern relationship with company. 4. Expertise of
the project team is high. 5. Proper human resources management.
Action StepsResourceBudgetDue Dates
Advertisement of the new retail store
Conducting market survey for the retail store
Ensuring that the productivity of the new retail store is high

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 Agreement error: survey

 obtain (get): obtain  get

 sufficient (enough): sufficient  enough

 verb acquire (get, develop): acquire  get

 Possible typo: resources

Logical Framwork for

page &P of &N

 Spelling mistake: Framwork  Framework

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