Discussion Board With Two Replies What are the top ranked factors contributing to acquisition success according to wellknown surveys and reports? (APA for

Discussion Board With Two Replies What are the top ranked factors contributing to acquisition success according to wellknown surveys and reports? (APA for

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 What are the top ranked factors contributing to acquisition success according to wellknown surveys and reports?  (APA format 400 words) 

Two replies (See attached)

What are the top-ranked factors contributing to acquisition success? According to well-

known surveys and reports


Four factors contribute to acquisition success. The first ranking factor is


effective communication, which is vital for cross-border acquisition of employees that is at 71


percent for responding firms. This helps due to employees coming from different countries


having a misunderstanding of the language and not being used to the work environment around


them (Reiche, Harzing & Tenzer ,2019, p. 297). There are two additional objectives that are


important in any hiring of an employee. First communication is intended to lower anxiety and


stress that every new employee deals with. Second, it helps provide management with feedback


ranking factor is the retention of key talent, which is 76 percent of firms responded (Reiche,


Harzing & Tenzer, 2019, p. 293). The organization wants to know who exactly the key


employees are so they are aware of who they need to keep happy so the organization can grow


(Reiche, Harzing & Tenzer ,2019, p. 299). There are three things to help keep the retention of


employees. First effective and open communication is the key to keeping employees wanting to


stay within the organization. Second financial incentives such as stock options, bonuses, and a


pay increase. Lastly, having a relationship with senior management also helps employees stay


because they feel that their work matters for the organization ((Reiche, Harzing & Tenzer,2019,


p. 299). The third-ranking factor that contribute to the acquisition success is executive retention


which has 67 percent of responding firms (Reiche, Harzing & Tenzer,2019, p. 294). Executive


retention is the top employees of an organization that stays within the company for a long time to


manage the lower-ranked employees and the organization. They are responsible for directing,


planning and coordinating activities for the employees in the organization to meet specific goals


in the organization. So, having good executives in an organization is vital for growth. The last


ranking factor that contributes to the acquisition success is culture integration which has 51


percent of responding firms (Reiche, Harzing & Tenzer ,2019, p. 294). Culture integration is


when someone from different culture goes into another culture to learns what that practices and


beliefs are to adapt to their home country (Muller, 2021). Having a strong and


committed leadership that stays with the good and bad times is vital for the successful integration


of cultures (Reiche, Harzing & Tenzer ,2019, p. 300). There are three things the leadership needs


to have a thriving culture integration, and that is fundamental to being an effective


leader such as a clear vision, sense of urgency, and practical and robust communication (Reiche,


Harzing & Tenzer ,2019, p. 300).


            In conclusion, these are all effective and vital ways to have success when having an


acquisition to your company. There are two that stand out the most to me, which is effective


communication and retention of key talent. Effective communication is vital in any


relationship because everything that is needed to be clear so that everyone is aware of what is


going on, and no one is sidetracked. For example, at my company Cintas every time I am done


with a stop, during my route, I will explain to the managers what I have done for them that day


while I was in their business which helps our company keep having them as customers.


Retention of key talent is vital for our company due to the demand and stress that comes with our


position. So having key employees stay is important because these are the employees that help


the company grow, and senior management usually do this by having good financial incentives


and strong communication with lower-ranked employees.


 Muller, Sanan. “Cultural Integration: Definition, Examples, and Benefits.” Germany Daily, 14 Dec. 2021, 


Reiche, Sebastian, Harzing, Anne-Wil & Tenzer Helene. (2019). “International Human Resource

Management” SAGE. 2019

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