Discussion Law homework help

Discussion Law homework help

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According to the National Center for Victims of Crime (2012), a victim impact statement, now allowed in all 50 states, provides victims with a way to explain how a crime has impacted their lives. This information can then be used by a judge “to help determine an offender’s sentence” or by a parole board to determine parole. In this Discussion, you will locate and analyze a victim impact statement.

To prepare:
  • Search the Internet and locate a victim impact statement (video or written).
  • Reflect on the background and relevant facts of the case for which the statement was prepared.

By Day 5 of Week 9

In a minimum of 300 words, briefly describe the background of the case, including:

  • Criminals involved
  • Victims involved
  • Crime committed
  • Apparent impacts
  • Other relevant information to provide context

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