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Middle School Homework Planner: How to Organize Your Free Time

One of the main things that middle school kids have to learn how to do is handle their own free time. It is the first year where they will have a study hall or two that they can use to get their homework done. It is a great way to start to teach them how to be independent. They are more in charge of their education.

One of the hardest part of having all of this extra independence is that they may struggle to get themselves organized. They have nine periods with a bunch of different assignments. It isn’t like before when their one or two teachers tells them all of their assignments. They could have assignments from eight different teachers. Keeping track of all of these assignments and getting everything done on time and handed in.

Here are some great ways to get organized:

  1. Color code your binders and notebooks. You can get use a different color for each class so that you can grab the books that you need easily. It is a great way to make sure that you bring the right stuff home to complete your homework too.
  2. Use a planner to write down all of your assignments. It will help keep you organized because you will have all of your assignments written down in one place. You will be able to check here for all of your assignments.

How to utilize your free time:

  1. Start with the most difficult assignment first. This will help you get your assignments accomplished because it will get the worse one out of the way and the assignments will get easier as you start to wear down.
  2. Break your free time down into sections. You need to set time away for completing your assignments. Be sure to also try to set time aside to get outside and play as well.
  3. Develop a solid routine. This will be the way you handle your free time every day. You may want to get home from school and immediately do your homework, get a snack, and pick up your room.

Finding a way to organize your free time is very important. You want to be able to get your homework done and still have time for other things. If you make a routine and follow it, you will be sure to make the most out of your time.

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