DQ4D Please reply to each discussion with about 80-100 words. 1. Justine I think that a business has to analyze its budget before making a decision on w

DQ4D Please reply to each discussion with about 80-100 words.

1. Justine

I think that a business has to analyze its budget before making a decision on w

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Please reply to each discussion with about 80-100 words.

1. Justine

I think that a business has to analyze its budget before making a decision on whether to go to a cloud-based computing system. I believe that if you have the resources to move to an off-premise solution you should. There are many benefits when moving to an off-premise solution. Number one you are lowering your overhead, in that you are not paying a whole team to manage your servers and paying the team to maintain those servers. In turn, your IT team can focus on business initiatives that move the business and create revenue. If you are looking to scale your business using a cloud-based solution can help you scale faster by literally clicking a button for example to make more resources available to your dev team lowering planning time and going to market time. Reach more people at once by having data centers that are located all over the world. Your market will stretch all over the globe if international business is part of your model.

When comparing two types of Cloud computing vendors I will look at the two industry leaders AWS and Azure. When I last looked AWS has about 33% of the market share and Azure has 11-12% of the market share. They both compare at price with AWS’s average price coming in a little cheaper depending on the plan that you pick. AWS will generally charge you on a per-hour basis whereas Azure will charge you on a per-minute basis.

If I am the head of IT or the Vp of Infosec of a company one part of my infrastructure that I would look at would be how I am storing and maintaining patient data on my servers. The benefit of moving that data to a cloud solution would be for the benefits I stated above. Having my one instance or multiple instances frees up my arms to do more locally.

End Justin

2. Mireille

Hello everyone,

Cloud computing refers to the delivery of various services over the Internet. Data storage, servers, databases, networking, and software are examples of these resources. Cloud-based storage allows you to store files to a remote database rather than storing them on a proprietary hard drive or local storage device. As long as an electronic device has internet access, it has access to data as well as the software applications needed to run it.

Cloud computing is very dependent on the business’s requirements. It is less expensive for a company to pay someone else to handle the costs of equipment upkeep, hardware, facilities, and amenities since it relieves the company of liability and allows them to concentrate on their core business rather than a malfunctioning server. Not to mention the necessity to hire the appropriate personnel to maintain it all.

Companies like Amazon have made cloud computing considerably more appealing to businesses by allowing them to store all of their data there. Amazon provides options that allow you to pay-as-you-go for the quantity of storage space the company uses.

When it comes to cloud computing, Microsoft is also not far behind. Microsoft Azure is the company’s cloud computing platform. In 54 Azure datacenter areas, they offer Windows and Linux-based apps. App Service, Virtual Machines, Azure SQL Database, Blob Storage, and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) are among the cloud computing services available. Each one is priced differently, ranging from $0.008 to $0.021/hour. They also divide it down into GBs over the course of a year.

Today, integration is a strategic component of every digital transformation and initiative that involves moving to the cloud. Moreover, migrating to cloud computing increases operational efficiency, reduces costs, and improves agility.

End Mireille

3. John

Good evening Professor and class,

In my personal opinion cloud computing would be a better option because of how beneficial it is. Some of these benefits include; security, flexibility, quality control, disaster recovery, loss prevention, as well as automatic software updates.

Azure Cloud Networking:

Azure offers (PaaS) platform as a service, which is created for the sole purpose of supporting applications that are scalable, reliable, and inexpensive to operate. They can use VMware has Azure cloud services embedded in their system.


Data transfer out – free for hot data

PUT request – $0.005 per 1000

GET request – $0.004 per 1,000

Cost estimator for 1 TB – $24.90

Google Storage Cloud:

Google cloud hosting has cheaper hosting plans than other platforms. They can rapidly be deployed and ready to be used within minutes. Google Cloud also has live migration which allows consumers to maximize their time and efficiency. Control and security that allows the security of any google applications and lastly, redundant backups.


$33.18/mo for 1.7GB of memory with 1 shared CPU

$73.50/mo for 3.75GB of memory with 1 virtual CPU

$138.52/mo for 7.5GB of memory with 1 virtual CPU


In my opinion, with the way the world is running businesses, there is a lot of competition when it comes to staying up to date and being competitive against other vendors. Switching to the cloud will allow businesses to do that because of the many benefits that it has. Flexibility, disaster recovery, on-time updates, cloud workstations, streamlined contents, etc.


End John

4. Janeth

FireEye helps in identifying the large scale phishing attack and helps in finding the vulnerabilities of the networks. Palo Alto Networks is the next generation firewall system used in detecting the known and unknown threats, it also helps in detecting the threats happening in the encrypted traffic. IDS/IPSs means Intrusion Detection System and Intrusion Prevention System, these were the methods that are been used from many years. IDS and IPS are both helpful in increasing the security levels of the company by inspecting the network, continuous monitoring of traffic, scanning of the packets that are been transmitted.

Since the client cannot continuously test the security of the network or system, I would advise the client to utilize any of the online monitoring sites. There is an automation system that can find weaknesses and report problems. This type of system aids in the smooth flow of work; however, this is only achievable when the dangers or faults are borne by other systems, as it would be if we used monitoring systems to prevent the cyber threat. Since they are cloud-based, the only cost would be for the computation rather than the full infrastructure or upkeep. As a result, deploying monitoring devices to monitor, alter, and control cyber threats in the company is beneficial.

Peerspot. (2021). Compare FireEye Network Security vs Palo Alto Networks WildFire. https://www.peerspot.com/products/comparisons/fireeye-network-security_vs_palo-alto-networks-wildfire

End Janeth

5. John again

Good evening Professor and class,

FireEye is a type of network traffic monitoring device that consistently develops modules on any type of attack strategy. This is a good network traffic monitor device because of how versatile it is and how quickly it responds to any type of new threat. Palo Alto is a network traffic monitoring device that uses a single-pass architecture, it also visualizes traffic to ensure protection at a higher rate.


FireEye can protect classified data from any attacks that come from email, FTP’s, cloud, and portable fire storage devices. One of its protocols called ‘File Protect’ analyzes the network file shares in order to scan for malware that could bypass firewalls and other loopholes.

Palo Alto uses advanced firewalls and cloud-based that helps prevent firewall intrusion.


I personally would recommend these services to the clients especially business clients who have data that needs protection. Many businesses earn money from their clients and they deserve to have their data privacy protected. Cybercrimes are on the rise and it is important for consumers as well as businesses to be educated on how easily cyber criminals can tap into the network infrastructure to steal data.


End John again

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