Economics Project You will need to organize the line-up for a concert and then write a 1-paragraph explanation to explain your decision. The line-up or ord

Economics Project You will need to organize the line-up for a concert and then write a 1-paragraph explanation to explain your decision. The line-up or ord

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You will need to organize the line-up for a concert and then write a 1-paragraph explanation to explain your decision. The line-up or order can be portrayed in a graphic or spreadsheet.


You have been placed in charge of setting up the final evening of the hugely popular music festival Econochella. It’s up to

you to analyze the available options for the time frame across the music festival’s three primary venues and an array of

available bands. You are limited on time and money so you can’t have everything you want. Based on the venues and

artists listed below, you will be developing the concert lineup to present the best possible show. You will then write a

memo describing why your particular vision is the best for Econochella.

The Basics:

· You have up to $1,370,000 to spend on entertainment across the three stages during the evening

· You have a limited number of hours of available time on each stage (some of which overlaps)

· Some bands may be willing to do multiple sets, but will demand a double fee

· Some bands have issues with each other and will not play on the same stage or back to back

· You do not need to fill all five hours of each stage’s availability, but do consider that empty stages attract zero

fans to Econochella.

Available Stages

The Tent

Seating: 10,000 (standing room only)

The venue is a temporary one that is popular with dance

styles of music due to the nature of no seating. The tent can

become very packed with the obvious focal point being the

front of the stage. Acoustics and sightlines are lacking but

the Tent usually has much more energy and crowd

interaction due to the standing room only design. Tickets

are usually cheaper and the crowds tend to be younger for

acts booked in the Tent. In recent years the EDM

movement has been making increased appearances in the

Tent out of design rather than as being second-tier groups

due to the cult following of the music and its growing appeal.

Hours of Availability: 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Time needed between sets: 15 minutes

The Amphitheater

Seating: 7,000

The venue is a reserved seating for much of the lower

level seating with bleacher style seating around the

reserved seating. The venue is preferred by some artists

for being much more of an intimate performance venue.

The sound acoustics are clearly the best among the three

options of venues. Although the smallest in terms of

seating, certain marquee bands are more likely to be

pleased with a placement in the Amphitheater due to it’s

upscale appeal.

Hours of Availability: 4:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Time needed between sets: 30 minutes

The Stadium

Seating: 15,000

The mega-venue of Econochella. The Stadium is

clearly designed for large scale and very popular acts.

Groups featuring major showmanship prefer the

Stadium because of the ease for which pyrotechnics

and massive lighting displays can be used and

maneuvered. Many acts also are pleased with the

crowd pits that are available in an in-your-face design.

Hours of Availability: 6:00 PM – Midnight

Time needed between sets: 30 minutes

Available Bands

The Bionic Men

Electronica meets the Blue Man Group. Enjoyed for both their on stage theatrics with costumes, lights and special

effects, as well as their blend of electric house and dance music, Electronica has a fairly strong following in the United

States with young to middle-age concert goers. Their act is severely reduced in effectiveness during the daylight hours

due to their reputation as “light show” performers. The Bionic Men will likely be a moderate draw for Econochella but

concert goers who are unfamiliar with the group may be pleasantly surprised with the entertainment none-the-less.

Set Time: 60 minutes

Fee: $100,000

Les Salter and the Ignition

Bluesy rock from Little Rock, Arkansas, Les Salter and his band bring a potential cross-genre appeal to Econochella.

Popular with segments of fans from country, rock, blues and soul, the band easily meshes with other acts. Salter and his

crew certainly have a sound distinctive from every other potential act at Econochella and they have wide-spread appeal

which bring them credibility. Econochella has been looking to broaden their musical variety in recent years and perhaps

this is a good option for doing so. They are willing to do two sets if needed.

Set Time: 80 minutes

Fee: $95,000

Macy Dynamite

The soloist extraordinaire of the moment. Dynamite is currently only challenged by herself on the charts for solo

pop/rock/soul hits. Widely liked and musically celebrated, she is sure to pack a crown in whatever venue she is placed in.

As her popularity has soared, Dynamite has become reclusive and while she does animatedly interact with her fans, she

now has many specific contractual demands. She will only play after 9:00 PM and there is no wiggle room on that

demand. She was recently featured at the Grammy awards in an elaborate number that was widely praised by critics and


Set Time: 60 minutes

Fee: $270,000

Illiterate Monkeys

The rap-rock group is purely underground. Deafening volumes and raucous crowds have defined the group for a decade.

Notoriety has been the key word for this Des Moines based group for a decade with as many known in-group disasters as

success stories. Perhaps capitalizing on this, the group has turned their dysfunction into their core appeal. Dissonance is

their choice in sound and they are known to frequently destroy equipment to the delight of their fans. Most venues

triple security for a Monkeys concert but still enjoy the profitability of the whole endeavor. The volatility of the act has

burned a number of bridges with other acts. While they enjoy a solid reputation with many in the rap world, they have a

long feud with both Fractured Coccyx (with whom they disastrously toured with years ago) and Macauley & Co.

(frontman Neal Max has been rumored to have threatened to kill IM drummer Steve Seidman). Neither band will

perform on the same stage as IM.

Set Time: 60 minutes

Fee: $75,000

Chicken Fried Awesome

An up-and-coming rock band with a highly electronic sound, these Austin-based boys have been heavily touring the

country for two years as non-headliners. Often opening for groups with strong credentials, CFA has carved out a

moderate but enthusiastic fan base in a variety of metro areas across North America. Scrappy and willing to sacrifice for

the big break, their manager sells his band as a stunning deal. They are not well-known on their own merits but have a

high energy set that usually plays well with a variety of music fans open to hearing new acts. Onyx Eyes has shown an

interest in having CFA tour with them in the coming year and has indicated they’ll only play Econochella if CFA is booked

as well.

Set Time: 40 minutes

Fee: $25,000

Babes and Bullets

High intensity but short songs mark the B&B style of play. Punk rockers from San Francisco, B&B has carved a nice niche

for themselves as a second-stage band at music festivals across the nation. Content to be playing moderate sized venues

and fiercely independent, B&B has managed to build a very loyal fan base. They have said they don’t want to play on the

same stage as “corporate sellouts”… specifically noting Rico’s Revenge, Robert Miyagi, and DJ Swedissh Cheff.

Set Time: 40 minutes

Fee: $40,000


Formerly of the hip-hop duo WonNayShun, lyricist Infu$ion has made the jump to a popular solo career. Leaning into

more rock-inspired melodies and collaborations with noted guitarists, Infu$ion has made a name for himself by

unleashing freestyles over instrumentals played by his live band. Highly infectious with his style and highly charismatic on

the mic, he has become a fan favorite at rock festivals despite his hip-hop background. Often seen as an important

change in flavor during long rock sets, Infu$ion appears to be in as much demand for what he isn’t for what he is.

Infu$ion has stated that he’d be interested in doing two sets as long as they are back-to-back.

Set Time: 50 minutes

Fee: $65,000

Rico’s Revenge

The oddly named resurrection of former boy band Love Patrol. Rico’s Revenge has altered its sound slightly to be more

musically mature and less purely-pop, but the five-part harmonies remain. The group’s signature accapella showstoppers

continue to be their winning act. Playing many new versions of classic chart-topping Love Patrol songs, as well as new

offerings, RR has mildly won over critics who traditionally panned them as a formulaic teeny-bopper ensemble. RR will

absolutely pack an arena, but their largely homogeneous following may be a turnoff for some fans who enjoy more

diversified crowds at music festivals. None-the-less, RR would be a huge draw for Econochella despite any potential


Set Time: 70 minutes

Fee: $300,000

The Potato Head Project

The side group of the once notable metal group Deth to Deth’s lead singer Greg Slavin, TPHP is virtually unknown outside

the metal circle. Slavin, once a staple of the 80’s rock scene, has returned after a decade’s absence with a softer sound.

Fans are unconvinced but some audiences might be interested in the revival of a former great. TPHP is advertised as

musically adventurous but they are yet to play any live concerts and have only released a limited EP. Still, Slavin promises

to impress the masses and is trying to use Econochella as a springboard back to relevance.

Set Time: 30 minutes

Fee: $18,000

Robert Miyagi

Pop folk artist Miyagi is as much a charmer as he is a talented guitar player. Commanding A-list talent on his

collaborations and large scale venues for his performances, Miyagi is currently at the top of his game. With the rare

combination of being a highly respected player and launching top-40 hits on the regular, he expects to be one of the

primary draws to Econochella this year. The high number of Billboard chart topping hits makes him highly accessible to

the fans. He brings instant appeal to any lineup and artists should be clamoring to be featured on the stage before or

after his performance. Miyagi’s wide appeal and limited concert availability has caused his fee to soar recently.

Set Time: 90 minutes

Fee: $340,000

Aluminum Falcon

Part rock legends, part comedians, Aluminum Falcon is a true irregular in the music world. Consistently profitable and

popular for thirty years, these aging band of brothers are still going strong with spoofs of top pop and rock hits. Finding

the tough to obtain niche between corny and irrelevant, AF has a strong following across a wide array of demographics.

Never able to top the charts, AF still is a popular act who will certainly relish any opportunity to play at Econochella on

any stage at any time.

Set Time: 60 minutes

Fee: $45,000

DJ Swedissh Cheff

Known for highly energetic live performances, Cheff is an ever growing presence in the house music scene. Collaborating

with major artists, he has seen many of his remixes and original song reach the dance charts in the past three years.

Cheff is on the rise and is willing to perform or share the stage with just about anyone.

Set Time: 60 minutes

Fee: $70,000

Caffeine Buzz

The all-girl group of power-pop persuasion has a strong cult following in the United States. Diehard fans of the group are

known as coffeeheads and are notorious for singing all the lyrics of all the songs. The breakthrough for the group came

with a lucrative contract to provide music for a popular role-playing game online. Coffeeheads are likely to attend

Econochella for Caffeine Buzz and no one else. CB has not played many music festivals and it’s uncertain how crowds

would react to the group’s normally small-venue act. CB is willing to do multiple sets.

Set Time: 70 minutes

Fee: $45,000

647 Buckingham Way

The alternative rock trio from the outskirts of London have made quite the splash here across the pond. Lead singer

Grace Tedford’s soaring vocals have already made their way into multiple movie soundtracks and have even taken home

an Oscar and several Grammy awards. The guitarless band uses piano as it’s driving instrumental melody and has been

rated as one of the best groups to hear live due to their almost limitless versions of their songs due to their high use of

improvisation in both instrumental and vocal talents. They play long sets as their songs can often surpass ten minutes in

length because of their style of play.

Set Time: 100 minutes

Fee: $80,000

Hummingbird Anthem

Sunny San Diego-based indie pop outfit Hummingbird Anthem is as much of a throwback sound as it is a modern pop

group. Taking most of its creative cues from beach bands of the 1960s, the music of HA is upbeat and presented through

a variety of interesting instruments. Riding a wave of popularity after touring with major acts in the last months, HA is on

the rise as a potential headliner in the upcoming year. Appealing to many age groups, the 40+ demographic may find the

sounds of HA to be more palatable than many offerings at Econochella. HA has previously schedule a late-night private

concert and will have to complete their set before 9 PM to make that.

Set Time: 60 minutes

Fee: $60,000

Macaulay & Co.

Talented, moody, ill-tempered but musically brilliant, Macaulay & Co. is led by the Max brothers. Fraternal twins who

jumped from band to band in the early 1990s before joining former bandmates in forming M&C. They pioneered the

Grunge scene before moving into a more deep alternative style. Known for alternatively shunning and then embracing

the limelight, M&C is well known to the tabloids and Americans at large. Their most dedicated legion of fans most likely

are in their thirties, but they have been able to attract more youthful audiences as well and have established staying

power on the music scene. Their recent album Galaxies has sold more than eight million copies to date. They expect to

be the final act on any stage they perform on and will walk away if not granted that request.

Set Time: 80 minutes

Fee: $220,000


Toronto-based new wave band Sonderbund created quite the impact on the music scene when it’s rich and full musical

sound his the radio-waves in the late 1980s and continued to pour on the hits throughout the 1990s. Surprisingly

unchanged from its initial sound, the partnered lead singers Sonya Mullins and Creighton Payne have delighted fans for

well over twenty years. Sonderbund has a huge and well-traveled cult following across North-America and Europe.

Sonderbund can deliver the goods, but is primarily attractive to an audience 35+ years.

Set Time: 70 minutes

Fee: $120,000

Onyx Eyes

Strictly instrumental and strictly very serious. Power rock to the max with no fewer than five guitars creating a wall of

sound so intense that fans have dubbed their concerts to be “the shake.” The rarity of their tours and the sheer size of

their fan base has driven up their fee considerably, but at the same time, they may be the closest thing that a concert

promoter has to a guaranteed smash hit. Onyx Eyes is widely considered the greatest active live band in the world. They

have taken a strong interest in the relatively recently unknown group Chicken Fried Awesome.

Set Time: 90 minutes

Fee: $190,000

DJ Megara

A popular Australian performer, DJ Megara is massively popular in her home country as well as across Asia. She is making

inroads in North America but her name is largely confined to the EDM crowd. Appealing to purists for her mixing skills,

she’s also incorporated a very broad music library into her shows, often blending K-Pop, West Coast hip-hop and Euro

House with more regional sounds. She requests not to go back-to-back with another DJ.

Set Time: 60 minutes

Fee: $50,000

Sloth Central Incorporated

The hip-hop crew’s zany antics earned them a reality show and revitalized interest in their talented lyricists. The hip-hop

collective has featured many artists over the years, but they have built a very solid reputation despite frequent lineup

changes. Well-known and appreciated for their humor, SCI may be less warmly received by other fans because of their

pure hip-hop style. Still, they remain a draw, and with so many members, they’ve offered to do multiple sets.

Set Time: 50 minutes

Fee: $45,000

Fractured Coccyx

The pop-punk band known for radio-friendly accessibility and high energy songs struck chart gold in the late 1990s and

throughout the first half of the 2000s. FC released a slew of hits before disbanding in the late 2000s. Now reunited and

playing mostly older hits, the band still commands respect and attracts very large audiences due to their widespread

influence and likeability. FC still enjoys the prime time and would be largely disappointed if they did not receive top or at

least prime billing for Econochella this year. They have already discussed with management an unwillingness to perform

in the Tent this year due to an “incompatibility with our style.”

Set Time: 90 minutes

Fee: $200,000

Forgotten Indigo

A local band that has offered to play for free. They have absolutely no following but have been recommended by a few

music insiders who have heard a demo tape. Expect nothing and you might be surprised. Advertised as an alternative

rock group, it is largely unknown what a set might look like. Still, Forgotten Indigo has offered themselves up as a way for

promoters to spend more lavishly on big acts by taking them on.

Set Time: 30 minutes

Fee: $0

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