English writing I need to correct my work and make it easy to read. Delete questions so that the work reads one piece with a smooth transition. If possibl

English writing I need to correct my work and make it easy to read.

Delete questions so that the work reads one piece with a smooth transition. If possibl

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English writing I need to correct my work and make it easy to read.

Delete questions so that the work reads one piece with a smooth transition. If possible put a reference. Final Exam Essay

Health Care Management – Cost and Revenue

What is financial management and why is it important?

Financial management mainly aims to control the financial risk and effective management of money systematically to assist the organization in reaching its financial goal. Effective financial management will enable the health care industry to provide timely and effective services to individuals. It helps the healthcare industry focus on its business operations and its patients. By affecting financial management, the healthcare sector would be able to provide quality services to its patients, improve the overall health care services, reduce the costs of its operations. Healthcare organizations form a part of the service industry and aim to provide healthcare services to people. So all these financial management functions are pretty critical for the healthcare industry.

Other functions of financial management such as planning, evaluation, long-term investment decision making, and financial decisions on suitable capital structure are central to financial management. All these functions apply to most industries and primarily to the healthcare sector.  

Discuss the tax status of health care organizations.

The tax status of Healthcare organizations is such that the majority of the hospitals are established under the IRC Section 501c 3. They are commonly referred to as non-profit organizations. All healthcare organizations are generally exempted from tax in exchange for the essential services they provide. Hens Healthcare Organizations do not pay any taxes because it is considered charitable work.

Explain financial governance and responsibility structure of health care organizations.

The term “governance” refers to a framework for governing organizations and businesses. Using this paradigm, executives and board members are held accountable for ensuring that operations, clinical staff and processes, society, and financial performance are continually improved.

The structure and size of a healthcare organization’s finance department varies depending on the type and size of the organization. However, in many healthcare organizations, the accounting functions are handled by the health finance manager and treasurer under the guidance of the CFO.

The board of trustees is the hospital’s governing body. Overseeing the hospital’s overall mission and strategy, they are responsible for developing and reviewing it. The hospital’s board of directors sets long-term goals and policies through the formulation of strategic plans and choices.

Maintaining a focus on providing safe, high-quality care while keeping costs in check is the key to ensuring that new rules and technologies help rather than harm healthcare providers and staff.

When it comes to the day-to-day running of a hospital, CEOs and MACs have complementary jobs. The Board of Directors holds both accountable. When it comes to hiring, it’s CEO’s job; when it comes to running the company, it’s MAC (Management Advisory Committee).

What is the role of the manager in controlling costs, managing budgets, and managing revenue?

Role of the manager in controlling costs:

a) A project manager should rehearse careful cost examination to make a fair degree of budget control. Put another way, and they should know where monies are allocated at all periods regardless of whether they must change anything to match the objective. Managers should never be surprised by unexpected budget overwhelms.

b) Cost the executives is, eventually, a subset of all projects on the board. At the point when you cannot deal with direct costs, it will be undeniably tough to oversee muddled projects. To begin with, a project manager needs to find the reason for consumptions to direct the user.

c)Regardless of whether the project manager has been in charge, does not infer they must be a specialist regarding the matter or embrace all of the work herself.

Role of the manager in managing budgets:

1. Comprehend your organization’s spending timetable and strategies: Toward the beginning of the excursion, acquaint yourself with your gathering’s budgeting courses of events and cycles. Your figures might be impacted by budgetary objectives set by your chief and other office managers.

2. Utilize financial data: Utilize current monetary data in the organization’s emotional cycle when contrasted with encouraging trust. You could assemble data into one association’s money-related movement and well‐being by pecuniary examination like the bookkeeping records, pay explanation, and articulation of incomes, and decide how to fittingly allocate resources by dissecting budget reports like the bookkeeping records, net gain, and accounting reports.

 3. Gain ground Towards Your Objectives: Budgeting adequacy requires an exhaustive comprehension of your authoritative mission. This agreement can assist you with building up a total picture of how your cooperation adds to the business’ principle points and helps it accomplish its final mission.

4. Dissect Your Work: You might fabricate an arrangement for assessing that once a year, the year is begun by making a budget having your association’s level-headed as the main priority and a particular understanding of targets. Monitoring installments so you can differentiate actual costs from anticipated costs and stay in contact with key partners in an organization to ensure the player’s consummation date is in sync with company project objectives.

Role of the manager in managing revenue:

A revenue manager is an individual from every single revenue initiative group. It is a place that has developed through time as the lodging area has perceived the significance of revenue for the executives. Before the arrangement of the revenue manager, the associations were in liability of revenue the executives. There is currently an interest for a revenue manager who is exclusively liable for the executives’ revenue.

The revenue manager’s foremost obligation is to enhance the organization’s revenue and benefit potential. The revenue manager is responsible for collecting and assessing information to settle on value decisions to achieve this. The revenue manager assembles data about the organization just as the contenders.

Go to the Healthcare Financial Management Association website –hfma.org – report briefly on HFMA’s Code of Ethics

Practicing honesty and maintaining high degree of personal integrity, including avoidance of conflicts of interest with those of my employer or the Healthcare Financial Management Association.

Adhering to high standards of personal conduct.

Striving for the objective and fair presentation of the financial information.

Promoting excellence in healthcare financial management by keeping abreast of pertinent issues.

Maintaining the confidentiality of all privileged information.

Promoting a greater understanding of financial management issues by others in the healthcare field and seeking increased public understanding through communication about such issues.

Ultimately maintaining a reasonable balance between the quality and the cost of healthcare.

Why are ethics important in health care financial management? 

Ethics is all about being honest, treating everyone equally, and knowing what is morally right and wrong. Healthcare is an important department in the economy as well as the general public concern. Without ethics, healthcare management is involved in dishonesty, disloyalty, discrimination, fraudulent behavior, etc. In healthcare management, where they keep the invoice of everything, treatment, and medical expenses, the financial management could charge more or could loot anyone without ethics. There is a huge risk of being cheated and unfairly charged in the healthcare sector, and it happens in many places as nobody cares about ethics. Everybody wants to grab the chance to earn a chunk of money by making people fool. Ethics helps us to differentiate between right and wrong, and everyone is equal, treating everyone with the same energy, respect is important, and this is very important when it comes to healthcare management because people are no experts and they don’t know anything about medicines and treatment so one can be fooled that is the reason it becomes important to follow the Ethics in healthcare financial management.

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