Ethics Project Instructions Course Objectives: CO1 Define the legal environment that is applicable to the business world. CO2 Review basic business l

Ethics Project Instructions

Course Objectives:

CO1 Define the legal environment that is applicable to the business world.
CO2 Review basic business l

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Course Objectives:

  • CO1 Define the legal environment that is applicable to the business world.
  • CO2 Review basic business law concepts
  • CO3 Describe the litigation system in the United States CO4 Apply legal concepts to business to business scenarios
  • CO5 Analyze the differences between major forms of intellectual property protection, and current ethical issues that arise under intellectual property law
  • CO6 Identify antitrust issues in business decisions
  • CO7 Analyze what a contract is, how a contract is formed, the types of law that govern contracts, the elements of common-law contract formation, and defenses to contracts
  • CO8 Identify various forms of business structure
  • CO9 Evaluate employment laws affecting business
  • CO10 Define ethical environment that is applicable to the business world.
  • CO11 Identify means to avoid alter ego liability
  • CO12 Evaluate how the Sarbanes Oxley Act applies to business.


Reflecting on the concepts in the course, select and research one (1) of the company situations listed below and prepare a PowerPoint Project of the legal and ethical issues contained in the case study.   A reference citation for each company is provided to introduce the case study.  You may use this citation in your project. It is expected you will use the course Lessons and eReserve required readings plus your own independent research of credible sources in support of this project. Your research must include peer-reviewed and scholarly sources. You may use internet sources for factual information about your company, but these should be the minority of of your research.

Your Project should include the following, organized in well-designed slides with accompanying Speaker’s Notes or Audio and/or video narrative. Further instructions for required content are also below:


1. Introduce the company (e.g. name, type of business, its corporate structure);

2. Define and explain the core ethical dilemma confronting the company, with pertinent facts; 

         *this includes why it is an ethical issue; 

          *clearly define the dilemma be clear as to the company’s situation and its ethical choices – the action the company chose to do and at least one other, different, choice it could have elected instead;

3. Identify, define and explain an ethical framework that supports, or is illustrated by, the choice/action the company made.  In explaining the framework, include an example of how it works in making a decision.

4. Identify, define and explain a different ethical framework that the company leadership could have utilized in the situation to lead to a different result for the company. Explain specifically how the company effectively could have employed this framework. Also, in explaining the framework include an example of how it works in making a decision.

5. Include in your project a discussion of at least one legal issue the company faced or could have faced as a result of its decision. Examples from your studies in the course are: contract disputes; tort claim – wrongful death; tort claim – product liability; violation of a civil or criminal statute or regulation (which you must identify specifically); civil rights; employment issue.   

6. Recommend: Lessons learned. What is a take-away from this case study for management of business operations? Recommend and explain at least one business practice for any business. In determining your recommendation consider the concepts we have studied this term, e.g. contracts, tort liability, corporate structure and policy, corporate social responsibility, Sarbanes-Oxley, employment laws, litigation, etc. A good business practice recommendation can relate to any one or combination of these elements of the legal business environment. The company you have studied for this Assignment engaged in practices on an ethical basis that ultimately touched or affected all aspects of its management. Your recommendation must be a specific practice for any business to apply.  It is not sufficient to just say something like “do it differently,” or “be ethical.”

7. References: Your references must be cited fully in APA7 format, except on your PPT slide it is not necessary to use a hanging indent or double space the list. As shown on the Grading Rubric Exemplary Level, more than 7 sources are necessary.  At least 7 sources are required for the Accomplished level of the rubric. Please see the rubric’s requirement for including scholarly and peer-reviewed sources.

8.  Review the Grading Rubric for an understanding of how your work will be evaluated. 



  • Title slide followed by agenda slide that outlines the project.
  • Ends with References slide, listing seven (7)-plus credible sources (including peer-reviewed and scholarly sources) from Lessons, Course Readings, and  your own research in Library, in APA 7th formatted citations. (Note, you may need more than 1 slide for all fully cited references.)
  • In addition to the above 3 types of slides, minimum  11 content slides at Exemplary level of Grading Rubric.
  • Slides should be presented with professional background, appropriate graphics, and content points 
  • Content points should be included on slides, not just “titles.” 
  • Speaker’s notes are required for narrative accompanying beneath all slides except title slide and references slides. In the alternative audio narration or a video can accompany the slide presenting the narration portion of the project.
  • See Grading Rubric.

Submit this project as a Microsoft PPT document attachment no later than 11:59 pm ET Sunday of Week 8. 

BUSN311 Week 5 Assignment Worksheet Student Name: Paul Rodriguez Date: 2/7/2022


Please remember to include your name.


1. This Week 5 Worksheet is designed to assist your preparation of the Week 7 Assignment, Course Project.

2. Before attempting to complete this Worksheet, read the Week 7 Assignment thoroughly.

3. Read the Grading Rubric for the Week 7 Assignment Course Project.

4. Choose the company for your Week 7 Assignment Course Project.

5. On the Worksheet Chart you have a list of questions. Your brief answer to the question goes in the first column. The second and third columns are reference sources. These are research sources for your Course Project pertaining to the subject matter of the question.

The Course Project integrates analysis of the business decision making process when confronted with an ethical dilemma and an understanding of how ethical frameworks inherently operate in those decisions.

Complete the following chart in Microsoft Word. This chart organizes your work for the Course Project with identification of key concepts and research sources. The spaces will automatically adjust with input, but citation URLs should be hidden through use of the hyperlink function to preserve column formatting.

A sample chart with commentary is provided for your guidance as an attachment to Assignment 5.

Note that you may use a reference more than once in the chart so long as it qualifies for the purpose you are citing it. Bear in mind that for the Course Project you need more than 7 credible references at the Exemplary level of the Week 7 Assignment Rubric.

For more information on peer-reviewed and scholarly sources:

How do I find peer-reviewed or scholarly sources?






Provide complete APA7 reference citation from Course Lessons or course eReserve & other course readings


Provide complete APA7 reference citation from Trefry Library that is a peer-reviewed or scholarly source

Points Value

Points Earned

(1) Identify company you have chosen for the Week 7 Course Project:

Purdue pharmaceutical


Alonso, J. (2021, February 23). Purdue Pharma deceptive

research misconduct. Voices in Bioethics,

7, np.


(2) Ethical dilemma:

1.Identify one option (course of action) the company had. Answer in one phrase or sentence.

Follow bioethics standards in relation to drug substances

Chapter 3.3 Business ethics, openstax

Osland, A., Clinch, N., & Jin, R. (2018). Purdue Pharma: Public Relations Problems and Corporate Social Responsibility Opportunities. SAGE Publications: SAGE Business Cases Originals.


(3) Ethical dilemma:

2 Identify the company’s other option (course of action) in the dilemma. Answer in one phrase or sentence.

Disregard the bioethics standards in relation to drug substances

Chapter 1.2 Business ethics, Openstax

Dayer, L. E., Painter, J. T., McCain, K., King, J., Cullen, J., & Foster, H. R. (2019). A recent history of opioid use in the US: three decades of change. Substance Use & Misuse, 54(2), 331-339.


(4) Ethical dilemma:

State in one phrase or sentence the option the company chose.

The Company chose to blatantly disregard bioethics standard in relation to propelling the use of OxyContin

Chapters 1.3, 3.3 Business ethics , Openstax and

Agarwal, A. K. (2019). Opioid crisis: J&J, Purdue in deep trouble.


(5) Ethical Framework 1:

Which ethical framework is illustrated by the company’s decision in the ethical dilemma?

You must select one of the following:

*Free Market Ethics. *Utilitarianism. *Egoism


Business ethics, chapter 1.3, openstax

Chow, R. (2019). Purdue Pharma and OxyContin–A Commercial Success But Public Health Disaster. Harvard Public Health Review, 25.


(6) Ethical Framework 2:

Identify an ethical framework that, if followed, could have led the company to make a different decision.

You must select one of the following:

*Virtue ethics, *Blanchard-Peale, *Deontology,

*Ethic of care

Ethic of care

Business ethics, chapter 1.1, openstax

Chow, R. (2019). Purdue Pharma and OxyContin–A Commercial Success But Public Health Disaster. Harvard Public Health Review, 25.


(7) Legal Issue

Identify a legal issue from our studies related to the company’s decision.

From constitutional acts, the public is entitled to safety and proper healthcare

Chapter 1.2 Business ethics, Openstax

Alonso, J. (2021, February 23). Purdue Pharma deceptive

research misconduct. Voices in Bioethics,

7, np.


(8) What did you learn?

Based on your analysis of this case study, recommend one business practice for any business for smart and ethical operations — (not specific to your chosen company)

To ensure the ethics of care towards the public at all costs.

Chapter 3.3 Business ethics, openstax

Marks, J. H. (2020). Lessons from corporate influence in the opioid epidemic: toward a norm of separation. Journal of Bioethical Inquiry, 17(2), 173-189.



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