For This Week’s Assignment, You Have The Task Of Writing Both Good And Bad News. For this week’s assignment, you have the task of writing both good and bad

For This Week’s Assignment, You Have The Task Of Writing Both Good And Bad News. For this week’s assignment, you have the task of writing both good and bad

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For this week’s assignment, you have the task of writing both good and bad news. When writing good news, remember to use the direct approach; however, when writing the bad news, use indirect approach. A single upload is fine, as long as each memo starts on a new page. You are welcomed to use the attached template, or you may use a different template. After your assignment is uploaded, please click on “View Feedback” to verify that the formatting was not altered. If necessary, please correct and resubmit. Remember to adhere to formatting guidelines, including margins and spacing (please refer to memo layout sample



  • Use Times Roman Numeral, Courier New, or Arial.
  • Left justify memo and use 1-inch margin.
  • Use correct headings (You may use caps, bold font, and double-space):
    • Date:               Write out month completely
    • To:                   Reader’s names and job titles
    • From:               Your name and job title
    • Subject:           Be specific and concise
  • Do not use salutation.
  • Memo must be single-spaced (except for headings); leave a space between each paragraph.
  • Do not indent paragraphs.
  • No need to use complimentary close or signature block.
  • Reference your sources (Links to an external site.)
  • Bullets and Headings (PDF)Actions

Scenario (Good News)
As the Sales Manager for ABZ Corporation, it is your pleasure to announce that your department has been awarded a grant for outstanding sales. Determine the amount of the grant and the specific criteria for selection. Write a memo explaining this scenario to these employees. Use the direct approach.

Scenario (Bad News)
Due to Covid-19, ABZ Corporation will have to lay-off or furlough some employees. Write a memo to the employees explaining this scenario. Use the indirect approach.

104 Unit 2: The Three-Stop Writing Process 5: Completing Business Messages 105

Use Lists and Bullets to Clarify and Emphasize

An effective alternative to using conventional sentences is to set off important ideas in a – a
series of words, names, or other items. Lists can show the sequence of your ideas,
heighten their impact visually, and increase the likelihood that readers will find your key
points. In addition, lists simplify complex subjects, highlight the main point, ease the
skimming process for busy readers, and give them a breather. Consider the difference
between the following two approaches to the same information:


Owning your own business has many
advantages. One is the ease of
establishment. Another advantage is
the satisfaction of working for yourself.
As a sole proprietor, you also have the
advantage of privacy because you do
not have to reveal your information or
plans to anyone.


Owning your own business has three

• Ease of establishment
• Satisfaction of working for yourself
• Privacy of information

When creating a list, you can separate items with numbers, letters, or bullets (a
general term for any kind of graphical element that precedes each item). Bullets are
generally preferred over numbers, unless the list is in some logical sequence or ranking,
or specific list items will be referred to later on.
Lists are easier to locate and read if the entire numbered or bulleted section is
set off by extra space before and after, as the preceding examples demonstrate.
Furthermore, when using lists, make sure to introduce them clearly so that people know
what they’re about to read.

Courtland L., B., & John V., T. (2007). Completing Business Messages. In D. Parker, R.

Butera, & M. Boos (Eds.), Business Communication Essentials (3rd ed., pp. 104-
105). Upper Saddle River: Pearson Prentice Hall.

1Lists are effective tools for highlighting and simplifying material.

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