GR#2-247 Please download the following three files The company we study are: Blizzard Entertainment 1.

GR#2-247 Please download the following three files The company we study are: Blizzard Entertainment


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Please download the following three files

The company we study are: Blizzard Entertainment

1. For IMC content, please see slide 6 starting on page 14

2. Be sure to note that you will need to do secondary research using databases, newspapers and industry news (such as AdAge and AdWeek).

Advertising and Promotion Management

Final Project Description

The final project is a group project that you will complete with a four-person team.

Overall, your goal is to develop a well-conceptualized, research-based IMC plan for a brand of your own choosing. Specifically, your team will work to develop an integrated marketing communications plan for a brand; this can be a product, service, not-for-profit, charity or an idea that interests you and your team members.

Your team will identify appropriate goals and communication objectives for the organization. Your team will need to understand the competitive framework; evaluate current communications and conduct secondary research to identify your target and your target’s communication needs (that is, what you recommend that the organization say to whom). On the basis of your background analysis you will develop communications objectives and a plan to achieve them. Your integrated plan should be sure to include a variety (minimum of three) of recommended marcom tools (e.g., static advertising; sales promotion; social media) with support for why you recommend those specific tools). Your plan write-up should be 10 double-spaced pages or less with 12-point font – not including figures and appendices. Please provide an Executive Summary upfront – this can be more than one page, but should be a short, concise summary of the major reasoning and recommendations (often all that the executives will read – at least to begin with).

This is a lot of work, but it is good work because it will be so useful in terms of consolidating your knowledge of all the different pieces that are essential to good marketing communications strategy.

There are several tasks you will need to accomplish on the road to developing a plan.

Key Tasks:

1. Analyze the organization’s current marketing situation. Conduct secondary research on the industry, competitors, the organization, and customers in order to gain a good understanding and definition of the issues and opportunities facing your client. (The library has lots of great resources and helpful reference librarians).

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2. Identify how your organization is currently communicating and presenting the brand. Identify any distinct brand assets; these can include logos, brand colors, slogans, mascots, fonts, audiomarks, etc. Analyze some of the organization’s current marcom to understand and identify what they are currently trying to associate with the brand.

3. Decide on the segment(s) you intend to target with communications. Provide a research-based (either secondary or primary) rationale for the specific target audience(s) for your IMC program, how you define the target(s), and why you believe this is best for the organization at this time.

4. Develop a recommended positioning statement. Use either secondary or primary research to identify your client’s overall communication needs.

5. Develop specific communication objectives to guide development of your IMC plan.

6. Using your insights about the market and target(s), create a comprehensive IMC plan for your organization. Evidence-based rationale is critical for a successful plan.

a. Describe and justify all components of your campaign. Be sure to explain how each will achieve the specified communication objectives to meet the recommended positioning.

b. The plan should incorporate all media deemed relevant and efficient in reaching the target(s). You should provide careful rationale for why each type of media is, or is not, included in the plan. Discuss how the different pieces fit together (how this is an integrated plan).

c. Develop communication/creative briefs for at least two of the types of media and provide a sample of at least one of the types of media included in the plan.

d. Be creative and thorough!

Note that this project will require a considerable amount of outside work. All groups are expected to gather information about the industry, company, competitors, and customers in order to complete a situation analysis and identify relevant communication objectives. As part of this, you will need to analyze some of the organization’s and primary competitors’ current communications.

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