Help Drafting Assignment Drafting CJ598 Week 5 DQ Expected Results and Recommendations Provide an overview of the expected results from your study. Co

Help Drafting Assignment Drafting CJ598

Week 5 DQ

Expected Results and Recommendations
Provide an overview of the expected results from your study. Co

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Week 5 DQ

Expected Results and Recommendations

Provide an overview of the expected results from your study. Consider what is already known about your topic from your previous work evaluating existing studies and developing the literature review section of your capstone project. Discuss how your expected results relate back to what you know from the literature. Identify at least three ways that leaders and practitioners in the field might benefit from the results of your study, or what recommendations might be appropriate to inform policy and practice. Include citations from scholarly, peer-reviewed sources to support your posts.

In your responses, identify additional practical applications that might come from the expected results identified by your peers

Respond kindly to student #1(Felicia Campbell)

          The research study for Houston, Texas and the implementation of the Whole Community Approach ideally would develop positive results. This approach could effectively create a resilient community for future disasters. The Whole Community Approach involves the community which would get the outlook of those in Houston, Texas and their view of how they see disasters being handled.. When researching the past disasters and Houston in general; there was a substantial amount of evidence that Houston was the highest populated city in Texas, that the largest city in Texas is Houston, with a population of 2,323,660 and had damaging disasters in the past (Cities in Texas by Population, 2021). Houston had many experiences in which there have been seven federally declared disasters since 2015, including the novel coronavirus pandemic (Understanding Houston, 2021). There was no evidence in my research that Houston is currently using this approach. Utilizing an approach that is new to Houston, Texas will show results and change. This approach has seen many benefits that can help create more short-term recovery versus long-term recovery. 
          Cities in Texas by Population (2021).

          Understanding Houston. (2021). Understanding Houston.

Respond Kindly to Student #2 (William Leach)

Expected Results

            A successful performance of the proposed study should render information that assists in discovering new tactics in combating human trafficking while improving those that are currently established. This proposal should be able to accurately identify what collective human characteristics and demographics create the profile for a potential trafficking victim in the Maricopa County area. Which assists the current task force in understanding what measures are necessary to improve mitigation and deterrence of current and past trafficking participants. Results should also produce county economic characteristics that would assist the Phoenix Arizona human trafficking task force in better understanding what are the economic draws of traffickers to this area. These results combine to issue a narrowed results who is most at risk, mostly targeted and the regular locations of trafficking discovering for Phoenix Arizona. Additionally, proper application of grounded theory expects to produce results which align to recommendations for rehabilitative improvements through multi agency efforts in tandem with the Phoenix Arizona human trafficking task force.   

Anticipated findings Related to Literature Review

· Theme 1

            Based on the elements required to conduct social disorganization theoretical utilization in the proposed study. Elements such as low socioeconomic status, ethnic diversity, population turnover, urbanization, and family disruption (Eargle & Doucet, 2021). This study should be able to create at risk of trafficking profiles for Maricopa County. This counties at risk profiles should demonstrate the high prevalence of minority, female, single parent home background, low educational attainment, low economic status representations. Results that are supported by findings in previous research studies conducted by; Eargle & Doucet, Greeson et al and the city of Phoenix compass plan documentation (Greeson, Tregila, & et al, 2019) (Eargle & Doucet, 2021) (Force, 2014). Quantitative results should also be consistent with intended semi structural interviews in the participant selection process. Which suggestively highlights expected results creating the risk profiles for Maricopa Co.

· Theme 2

Performing the proposed study should render results consistent with research conducted by; Martin and Hill, and Miller et al. (Kyle Miller et al, 2016) (Lauren Martin, 2019) . Which officially label the county characteristics and business events that draw a trafficking prevalence in the identified community. The Phoenix Arizona community would discover a large gap between socio economic classes. With high representation from minority groups primarily of Hispanic and Mexican decent. Data for this area should render a disproportionate number of migrant citizens both documented and alien. Noticing that Maricopa Co. is a nationally recognized metropolitan area. A link towards high trafficking and sex worker volumes will align with major events in this area. Consistent with sporting (i.e., the supper bowl), convention, etc. events and previous research conducted in various studies (Council, 219) (Lauren Martin, 2019).  

· Theme 3

Post traumatic stress disorders are associated with a wide variety of events that humans both regularly and irregularly experience. Studies conducted by a variety of researchers link PSTD to victims of the human trafficking industry. Through tools utilized to evaluate post traumatic disorders in victims. As well as victim testimonies in anonymous interviews, the current proposal produce extensive links of PSTD related to human trafficking in the Maricopa County area. The current proposal can also point directions towards what communities and or cultures are more at risk than others to experience PTSD related to human trafficking. Which links the three themes together.

Principles of Leadership

Transformational Leadership- Applications

            Transformational leadership requires concepts consistent with influencing ideology, interpersonal motivation, individual contributors, and intellectual stimulation (Keller & Ram, 2013). A transformational leader within organizational management attached to policy makers in human trafficking utilizes diversity of people and perspective as its main source of application. Policy makers in Phoenix Arizona would create applications that represents effectiveness to their specific community.  For example, the results render minority groups (primarily Hispanic and Mexican) to be the most at-risk cultural group to experience trafficking and PTSD. Applicable policy would suggest a requirement for all victims to receive adequate physical and psychological services due to events of trafficking regardless of American status.

Collaborative Leadership- Applications

            Alike to transformational leadership, collaborative leadership necessitates diversity which includes internal and external stakeholders (Keller & Ram, 2013). Whilst diminishing the importance of organizational hierarchies and raising the importance of organizational relationships (Keller & Ram, 2013). The stronger relationships policy makers push the importance of relationships with culturally diverse leaders (pastors, principles, business CEO’s) within the community. The better they understand the needs of the community. Needs alike to the need to battle human trafficking in Maricopa Co. Expected results assist relationships created within the organizational heads to utilize results in identifying high risk potential victims. Policy would require reporting of citizens who exhibit a trafficking profile to Phoenix Arizona task force officials.   

Public Leadership

            One can agree that public leadership is required in the identification and support of public interactions. Which cannot be completed without notions of authenticity, trans-formality, and distribution (Keller & Ram, 2013). Authenticity discusses the democratic values of public leadership (Keller & Ram, 2013). Whilst trans-formality develops and trains public workforces (Keller & Ram, 2013). Also requiring discretion, policy makers could implement applications that protect victim and participant identities when attempting to rehabilitate back into serviceable society. Meaning, when trafficked victims enter rehabilitation facilities, no criminal charges can legally be brought against them. Expected results from the performed study discuss effects trafficking victims when attempting to rehabilitate (Marti Castaner et al, 2021) (Jenss Chang et al, 2020). Furthermore, any criminally identifying records of performances conducted during trafficking are expunged.

Action Oriented Leadership

            Requiring policy makers to create applications that are effective and can be implemented immediately. Previously discussed have been applications that apply the presented themes of the present study. All of which offer recommendations to either improve the current failures and successes of the Phoenix Arizona human trafficking task force. An additional policy application utilizing the expected results would be to introduce legislation that requires trafficking task force implementation for all major events held within and or in conjunction to the Phoenix Arizona area. Links between major events and trafficking and or sex workers have been previously identified/ discussed.


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