Homework 2 Homework 2 attached Page 1 of 7 Page 4 of 7 Assignment: Researched Persuasive Essay Point Value: 100 Requirements: Topics should be giv

Homework 2 Homework 2 attached Page 1 of 7

Page 4 of 7

Assignment: Researched Persuasive Essay

Point Value: 100


Topics should be giv

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Homework 2 Homework 2 attached Page 1 of 7

Page 4 of 7

Assignment: Researched Persuasive Essay

Point Value: 100


Topics should be given wide consideration; however, you have FIVE restrictions:

1. It may not be self-plagiarized from another course.

2. It must be related to your personal experience, including hobbies or careers.

3. It must be relevant to a narrow, current, and locally-significant issue.

4. It must be inherently argumentative; a reasonable person could resist or disagree.

5. It must be instructor-approved prior to composition.


6. Paper must at least 6 full pages, from introduction to conclusion,
double-spaced; 12 point, Times New Roman font.

7. Format will be a formal expository essay structure: introduction with thesis,

Body with topic sentences, and conclusion.

8. Label first page with student name and complete assignment and course


9. Include header at top right of pages with student name and page numbers.

10. Research will adhere to either MLA or APA style (never both); refer to Research

Methods in Modules, NoodleTools, or The Owl at Purdue for details:


11. Secondary research (borrowed) sources to be 6-source minimum,
including one graphic that is referred to, cited, and documented.


For this assignment, you will explore and argue for an original, localized, current practice or issue that needs attention and improvement. Introduce, define and explain the topic so that your readers understand the history and context and appreciate the significance of it.

When selecting a topic, consider topics relevant to your personal experience, authority, and professional field of study. The topic must be made to be inherently argumentative as you will be writing to decision-makers who may be skeptical or even opposed to your position. Your mission is to convince your readers to adopt your position.


Because a research paper is an essay, you will want to ensure that you have conventional, 3-part essay structure. Ideally, you will be working from an outline that will serve both the Primary-Source Position paper and this research paper.
· Understand your audience. Imagine a primary audience for the essay: the decision-maker(s) who can implement your improvements. You also have a secondary audience that may include your teacher, peers, or college community, so your discussion should clarify the issue for a larger audience.

· Generate reader interest in the topic. Explain why your topic is important so that all audience members feel connected to the topic.
· Provide a context for the discussion, which should include your personal interest and experience in the topic, along with well chosen examples, and any necessary definitions of terms or concepts.
· Establish a neutral, dispassionate tone in formal, polite, precise, literal, and technically-appropriate language that you will sustain throughout the report.

· Conclude your introduction with the vital purpose statement or thesis opinion with a call-to action that is stated explicitly in the introduction and contains the reason for the opinion and a summary of all points of the discussion.


· Every paragraph should contain a clear topic sentence assertion along with substantial research, a combination of primary and secondary ideas.
· All borrowed ideas should include proper source identifications and citations where need.


· Make sure your final paragraph is fully developed and offers a sense of finality.
· Emphasize why your position is important, valid, and highlight important findings.
· Ideally, you should define workable solutions with a clear call-to-action.
· Bring the discussion full circle to the introduction, and be sure to reach out to your audience one last time; make sure you leave a favorable, persuasive impression.


1. Overall Compliance: Correct length, format, number and type of sources, including graphic.


2. Introduction: Demonstrates audience awareness and includes helpful background information to clarify issue and reveal its importance.


3. Thesis: Based on the completed outline, it contains a workable, explicit opinion that summarizes the content of the body, including opposing view point.


4. Body Paragraphs:

Based on the completed outline, topic sentences are opinions and paragraphs provide direct & consistent thesis support.


5. Body Research: Presents borrowed and credited information in every paragraph.


6. Body Organization: Ideas are unified (consistent topic sentence support), fully developed, and coherent.


7. Persuasion Audience: Writer considers and counters opponents or skeptics concerns.

+ 05

8. Persuasion Fairness: Ideas and research are reasonable and avoid Logical Fallacies and Errors in Reasoning.


9. Conclusion: Does not merely repeat ideas, but highlights important issues and presents a Call to Action for a clearly designated audience.


10. Overall research: Sources used are ample, credible, and convincing.


11. Documentation Style: APA is used consistently and correctly. All borrowed ideas are clearly credited.
Citations have clear, corresponding sources listed properly in the back page.


12. Overall Expression: Writing is clear, grammatical, correctly punctuated, concise. Diction is formal, precise.



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