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Explicit Tutorial to Help You Write an Essay

“I like my room. Firstly, it is well-furnished. Secondly, it is large. Moreover, it is comfortable. That’s why I like my room.”

This is a simplified sample of a task most students dislike and fear – an essay. As you can see, it is not really difficult if you know how to structure it and provide content in its parts.

If you follow these rules, you will be able to spend your time not thinking about the form of the essay, but rather about the contents that are far more important:

  • First, practice paragraph writing.

    If you know how to write a well-structured paragraph, you will never fail to write a well-structured essay because every essay, no matter what type it belongs to, is an extended version of a simple paragraph.

  • A paragraph is a logically organized expression of one idea. It begins with a topic sentence that tells what the

    writer is going to describe in the paragraph. The next sentences are to assert the validity of the topic sentence or clarify it. The last one is to reiterate the thesis again, as well as highlight the fact that it is considered to be proven. If you have mastered the skill of paragraph writing, you can try your hand at writing an essay.

  • Write an introduction.

    The main purpose of an introduction is to serve the topic sentence, so ensure you formulate it in the most laconic and understandable way. Other sentences are to add some facts closely related to the topic in a way that can grab the reader’s attention.

  • Add three or more paragraphs to clarify, illustrate, or justify the thesis.

    The number of paragraphs in the main body is not restricted. When at school, children usually write three paragraphs; when at college, students add as many paragraphs as they need to prove the main idea. The best idea and the most convincing details should be provided in the last paragraph, as people tend to remember the last thing they read the most. Do not forget to employ a variety of linking elements to make the main body consistent and elaborate.

  • Write a conclusion.

    The last stage of essay writing will demand a restatement of the topic statement. Ensure that you do not copy the topic sentence, but rather paraphrase it. Moreover, you will have to review the major proof you have given in the main body.

It is essential not to forget to research the topic you are going to write about first, as well as proofread it in the end to check the language and formatting.

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