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How to Find Online Homework Assignments for College Students

Have you found yourself staring at your text, wondering how to find the answer to a troubling question? Have you tried everything in your book to answer the question and are still stymied? Well, perhaps its time to discover this handy little tool called the internet, which may give you more help than you previously known if you know more about how to find the best help you can.

The Secret of Textbooks

With every new edition that comes out, a textbook manufacturer can charge more—even if all they add is a new introduction to the text. So for books for courses like math, chemistry, economics, and other books with exercises like these, often books have the same problems as they did the previous year or for years and years in a row. Sometimes they add new problems or change word problems but rarely do they take certain problems out.

So with these kinds of texts, you may find your answer via Google where someone has tackled this problem before.

Online Homework Assignments

Online homework is a great way to attack the lessons from your classroom in the comfort of your own home. Online homework is a great learning tool for young persons who are very shy in class and do not want to raise their hands. Instead, with online assignment via the internet, students can learn, do exercises in a given area, check their answers to see if they are right or wrong. When the student is wrong, the tool will give them a worked out solution, telling them where they went wrong.

Online Homework for Little and Big Nerdy

If you are a whiz in school who sometimes feels under-challenged in class, you can take your learning one step beyond the classroom (or more) by studying ahead of the class. You might even be able to test out of courses that are too easy for you this way – especially in courses like math -- and even English, if you are an excellent writer.

Finding Online Help with YouTube

For those of you that seek help, there are many wondrous tools on the internet designed just for this task. YouTube is a wonderful learning tool. Many of the videos are whole courses, broken down into shorter videocasts that you can view in sequence. Search for help with your specific area of problems—say 9th grade linear equations, and you’ll find exactly the kind of help you need.

Online Exercises on Your Subject

You also can do helpful exercises online in all subject areas that tell you where you went wrong in answering the problem and explain how to do the problem correctly. These are some of the best ways to learn on the web.

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