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Homework Policy for Middle School: What You Should Know about It

There are middle schools that have homework policies that vary. Some schools may not issue homework at all while others may have a few guidelines they want students to follow. It is important to review this information if you are required to submit homework as part of your grade. This may also include reviewing content with colleagues and your instructor.

  • When homework assignments are due. A homework policy can vary depending on how a teacher or a school sets deadlines for assignments. This can vary depending on subject matter and what is required for the work in question. Students that expect to get good grades in their coursework should be aware when their work is due and how it should be submitted in order to receive proper credit.
  • Does your school require students to do homework at all? There are more schools adopting a no homework policy. This means they will not require students to complete assignments at home. But, again this can vary since subjects may not assign work while others may choose to do so. There may also be variations to this rule. A school may not give homework but they may provide study options students can engage in at home as an option. This may be the case if they are working on extra credit or doing something to help them get a better grade.
  • Does homework count as part of your grade? When you complete assignments at home are you required to finish them as part of your coursework grade? Some instructors may assign projects that are due in a few weeks. This may be the closest thing you get to homework that could count as a significant portion of your final grade. This information you will want to learn for sure, because your grades may suffer if you decide not to complete such assignments.
  • What happens if plagiarism is detected? Homework assignments should be completed from scratch with students doing their own work. But what will happen if your instructor learns you copied content from another source?
  • Is there a certain format you need to follow based on subject matter? Some assignments can be formatted in a specific way and be required to note certain information such as title, subject and date.

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