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How to Avoid Low-Quality Assignment Writing Services: Useful Advice

As a consumer, you should not be given less than what you entered into an agreement to be provided. This can be difficult to enforce in some circumstances. The purchasing of academic writing services falls into this moral gray area which makes enforcing your rights as a consumer that much harder after the fact. To avoid poor service in the first place, the following advice should be heeded:

Never pick the lowest bidder

In general it is better not to speak in absolutes. Surely there may be some genius academic living in abject poverty in the Third World who truly wants to write your dissertation for $2. It’s not impossible. The likelihood is merely so low that it’s not worth the risk. Look into what the going rate for academic writing of the variety you seek is. Exclude writers and writing companies that charge much less than this.

Look for samples

Any writing company worth their salt will have samples of their writers’ work available for prospective clients to peruse. Look at these samples carefully. They may not have been produced by the writers on staff but it helps you to distinguish the truly worthless companies if you find any with glaring errors.

Check out reviews

Review agencies are available that compile the opinions of consumers on products and services they’ve used. Look for reviews of the writing company. If the reviews all sound suspiciously similar, are written in broken English or seem otherwise suspicious, you should make note of that. If the reviews are all terrible you should not consider the company.

Use your intuition

On occasion, the human mind will see and understand something below the level of consciousness that we only perceive as a feeling of unease. If you get this sensation, avoid the company that creates it within you. It may be a well crafted front for a credit card fraud operation. Trust your instincts, you have them for a reason.

Ask people you actually know and trust

People you have met in real life can be a better source of reviews than faceless anonymous reviewers online. If anyone you know uses these types of services regularly, ask which one they would recommend and even ask to see what the actual assignment they received looked like.

If you ever wonder how bad this can turn out, check out the quality of assignments some other students have mistakenly paid for. That should motivate you to always be on your guard when using these services.

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