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How To Do Your Homework: Organizing Tips To Get You Started

  1. Create a calendar.
  2. Depending on your teacher’s preference, you may be able to plan your assignments for an entire month at a time. If you teacher only gives homework by the week, then print a weekly calendar and enter task with due dates. Highlight due dates on your calendar. Plotting all your assignments on a calendar will help you keep track of what needs to be completed first.

  3. Find a quiet workspace that is removed from distractions.
  4. If you know that having your cell phone on vibrate will make you look at it often, then make sure to turn it off or place it on silent. Find a comfortable location without a TV or friends and family. Also, make sure you are wearing comfortable clothes and have any additional needed items, like snacks or beverages. What’s most important is that you have anything that you know you will need, so you don’t have to stop to gather items later.

  5. Create a Daily Checklist.
  6. Even after you have planned your assignments for the week or month, you will still need to create a checklist for the day. The shorter list of activities will help manage any daily tasks that were assigned last minute. This step is especially important if you have assignments and test schedule on the same day. Having a test and assignments due on the same day will require that you allot your homework time accordingly. If you need more time to study, then plan your week to place fewer intensive assignments on that day if possible.

  7. Create a Multilevel Management System.
  8. Using a color specific folder, marker, and tab system will help organize your homework and make your study time more efficient. How you choose to color code your assignments is a question of preference. You can color code of course, by the due date, or by assignment complexity. Each method has benefits and challenges. You can choose a color for course work due immediately, within the week, or within in the month. This management system will require that you constantly transition assignments as they get closer to their assigned due date. If a certain class doesn’t have many assignments, then the homework can be coded by the amount of time needed to achieve completion. They may also be coded according to difficulty. Once you've decided how to assigned a color code to each assignment, coordinate folders, sticky notes, and highlighters to match.

Once you've completed your preparations, you are ready to begin working on your assignments.

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