HW Nursing homework help

HW Nursing homework help

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odule 02 Content

  1. OverviewMedical malpractice and medical insurance fraud are the leading cause of the rising costs in healthcare. Understanding the basic rules and regulations may not prevent a lawsuit against a medical practice or physician, but it can reduce the potential of experiencing one. As healthcare professionals, we should always abide by the Code of Ethics that applies to our profession while providing the best medical care to patients and their families.InstructionsFor this assignment, you are to research a healthcare lawsuit that involves medical malpractice or insurance fraud. The case can be one that occurred and was resolved within the last 5-to-10 years, or it can be one that is currently being negotiated or presently in an appealed stage.
    • Perform a search for a lawsuit and prepare a 2-page summary of the details.
    • In your summary, interpret the impact that this case has had (or will have) on medical practice and/or healthcare organizations.
    • The information should include the following:
    • specific details of what led to the case, information about the Plaintiff, Defendant, details of the outcome, and state if you agree/disagree with the outcome along with an explanation of your decision.
    • All sources must be cited using APA format.
    • Submit the assignment as an attachment using a Microsoft Word Document or PDF.
    • Additional ResourcesHow to find peer reviewed articles?Research Appointment with LibrarianAPA ResourcesResources available for English Language learnersWriting Support

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