I Need Help With My Homework On Jazz Video Reviews follow directions completely all info is attached 1 VIDEO REVIEWS

I Need Help With My Homework On Jazz Video Reviews follow directions completely

all info is attached 1

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I Need Help With My Homework On Jazz Video Reviews follow directions completely

all info is attached 1

Video Reviews
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Video Reviews

Video 1: So Long Eric by Charles Mingus

“So Long Eric” was written as part of Mingus’ continuing argument with Eric Dolphy about his decision to leave Mingus’ group which was the topic of this song because Mingus did not want to leave Europe and decided to stay in Europe after their 1964 tour (Other versions have the additional subtitle of “Don’t Stay Over There Too Long.”). Eric Dolphy’s death a few months later gives the title an additional sad resonance.
This was written by Mingus when he was paying homage to Eric Dolphy. Dolphy was leaving the band since he had decided to move to Europe after the 1964 tour. The song is made of a mixed ensemble with instruments such as piano, tenor saxophone, trumpet, trombone, bass clarinet and vibraphone.as a listener, I learnt that So Long Eric was not a eulogy, instead, it was a complaint regarding Eric’s departure from the band. The music in this song is breathtaking, with the powerful instruments. For instance, as Mingus kicks off the melody, the cohesive band brings in life. At 2.43 minutes, Mingus plays his bass solo along sing Richmond.

Video 2: Live in 63, 64 and 65 by Oscar Peterson

This is jazz played by great jazz icons of the century and led by Oscar Peterson. It was filmed from the 1950s through to 1970s. The music is a combo with sets of drums, pianos, trumpet and flugelhorn. This is an impactful piece that was performed for three years in a century. I was so delighted by the cameras during the performance. The musicians were well dressed and could be seen through zoom and pan shots. Peterson is smiling and mimicking the phrasings through facial gestures. With the great sound qualities presented, Oscar Peterson’s music and performance is extra-ordinary.

Video 3: Live in Sweden 1963 by Ella Fitzgerald

The major instruments in the song include drums, pianos, trumpets and a guitar. It was performed by a band led by Ella Fitzgerald in Sweden, 1963. More so, it is a big band comprising different music genres and instrument players. The music was shot on a video tape with a studio audience. The music impacted me in a thrilling way. The pictures are robust even without higher fidelity like other jazz music. Moreover, the setting is so intimate between performers and the audience.

Video 4: Live in Holland ’65 & England ’68 by Nina Simone

These are two concerts performed in Holland and England. In Holland, the concert was performed in December 25, 1965 while the England 68 concert was performed in 1968 in England. Nina was supported by excellent and sympathetic jazz combo. The major instruments include a bass guitar, trumpet, piano and some drums. The songs are impactful. Poignant with the importance of political and social messages, Nina varies her delivery method from beings serious and later, humorous.

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