intergovernmental responses 1. The only governmental services that I can recall today were that I got mail delivered to my address, I am attending college

intergovernmental responses 1. The only governmental services that I can recall today were that I got mail delivered to my address, I am attending college

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intergovernmental responses 1. The only governmental services that I can recall today were that I got mail delivered to my address, I am attending college through federal student loans, and the water that I have been drinking today is made safe through forms of purification. Those were the only ones that I can think of. I think that most localities are provided with these services, maybe in more rural areas they have less government ammentities. I think that governmental services are different, most government services help those who are less fortunate with food stamps, medicaid, and social security payments. The government also makes sure that things like meat and and dairy products are safe to consume. Government services also consist of child protective services and public schools. The government services our country in many different ways whether it affects us or others. 

2. Some of the governmental services that have been provided to me since I got up this morning include healthcare, the mail, my utilities while owned by a private sector are regulated by the government, natural resources ( like the forests), and recreation places ( like the parks I bring my kids to). Emergency services are also always provided by the government as well as child protective services, food stamps and rental assistance for low income houses,public broadcasting, and transportation. I believe that majority of the localities provide similar services. I think in less populated areas the services might differ slightly because of supply and demand, but over all they are about the same everywhere.  I have added a link that goes over each governmental service in detail. Hope this helps everyone.

3. My health care is the public service that I use every morning, I have certain medications provided to me by health care. Medical experts, organizations, and ancillary health care workers give medical care to individuals in need through health services. Patients, families, communities, and populations all benefit from health care. The goal of these services is to make health care more accessible, high-quality, and patient-centered. To deliver successful health services, several different types of care and providers are required.
Some public services provide siilar services, what I mean by that is the fact that the services can be provided for you for free. Public education, emergenecy services; firefighters and paramedics are also free the same way health care can be free sometimes. 

4. Some of the hallmark and easily distinguished governmental services that have been provided to many of us in a given day, are special district services, which include utilities (e.g., water and electricity consumption), attending public schools, colleges, and universities, housing, and public transportation, especially in metropolitan areas. These areas are known for increased activity in the public sector or business arena, whereas suburbs are mostly suited for residential owners and other mandatory programs to serve the population. In that regard, I am very fortunate to say that I have taken federal and state loans, to offset tuition balance, but the most unique government services that I continue to use is the use of a vehicular ez-pass, health care prescriptions, and postal mail delivery. Other than that, I don’t rely too heavily on the government to support or finance the basic necessities, (e.g., food, housing, or clothing), since I am still considered a dependent, and obtain a steady source of income from a part-time job, to pay for essential resources, while saving in the long run. Governments largely operate due to the supply and demand clause, but it’s just as important to note that governmental services can also perform on the impact fees municipalities charge.
Some localities provide similar services, but not all of them. Take for example, the remote states of Alaska and Hawaii, or the New England states in comparison to the southern state lifestyles. They essentially all accommodate to the people’s needs, based off of demographics, culture, and natural resources due to land use. As mentioned from the textbook, county governments work their way from the top-down, and municipalities work their way from the bottom-up. Additionally, “City-county consolidations seem to make the most sense, if the end goal is to reduce redundancy and increase efficiency, but it’s not as evidence points out by the National Association of Counties,” (Smith & Greenblatt, 2017, p. 392). Generally speaking, localities significantly rely on states for their funds, while facing increased demands for services by both residents and higher authority governments. Not to mention, localities also have to cope with low levels of political participation and a lack of well-qualified candidates for office, which can be a huge strain or setback on the position representative to the community.

5. The government services that have been provided to me since I got up this morning are getting the mail through the USPS, going to school on student loans, the food I eat is approved by the FDA and USDA, and the FDIC insures and covers my bank account that I use for online shopping daily. I think that all localities provide similar services to the ones I mentioned above. These are not physical things that may not be available in a different area, they are services that are available to [almost] everyone and given daily. They are similar because everyone has a house to get mail at, an education they are getting or have already received, everyone eats the food from grocery stores or restaurants, and everyone has a bank account. The only possibility that could be different is if someone is a child they will not have a house, or have loans or a bank account. For all adults, these services are similar.

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