Journalism Very important assignment. Please read the ENTIRE attached doc. WHAT . . . This GOOGLE SLIDES project/presentation focus

Journalism Very important assignment.

Please read the ENTIRE attached doc. WHAT . . .
This GOOGLE SLIDES project/presentation focus

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Journalism Very important assignment.

Please read the ENTIRE attached doc. WHAT . . .
This GOOGLE SLIDES project/presentation focuses on advertising and consumers who push
back against offensive ad campaigns and unjust practices. Once again, consumers have power
in the collective, if they exercise it. The goal of this project is to find examples where consumers
made a big stink through protests, boycotts, etc. and caused companies to change or remove
offensive ads/commercials.

DUE DATE – DEC 12. You have more than 3 weeks to do this project. After this week
(WEEK 13) there are no more weekly essays and thought pieces. This final project will
be your focus.

All I need you to turn in is your shared link to the GOOGLE SLIDE project. More on that
later. I don’t have a precise LENGTH. About 7-10 slides should be enough. Just make
sure those slides are filled with focused content.

Here’s a good example from a previous class: JMC 306 final project example

Also, use the same sourcing you used for the research paper. Namely, one BOOK, one
academic JOURNAL article and some well-vetted online sources like newspapers and
other authored sources. Read up on ‘in-text’ citations and ‘works cited’ page and use
those formats.

HOW . . .
– Main guidelines . . .

For your project there are TWO PARTS.

Part ONE focuses on historical examples. Part TWO looks at contemporary examples.

Break up the research in PART ONE into 3 sections and the research in PART TWO into
3 sections.

PART 1 : find ONE example of a HISTORICAL ad/commercial that folks would probably
find offensive today. Key words here are: smoking, racist ads, sexualized ads of women,

Three sections here:

1. Explain the ad/issue, etc., briefly.

2. What is the deeper MAIN message in the ad? What is it trying to say or portray
(however bad or good)?

3. How is it offensive to then and contemporary viewers? And finally, do you see
changes in these types of ads/commercials over time and what are the most obvious
ways they have changed OR NOT?

PART 2 : find ONE CONTEMPORARY or recent ad, like Huggies above, that riled people
so much that groups protested and forced a company to change or remove the ad

Three sections:
1. Give a short description of the ‘offending’ message/image.

2. What was the ‘PushBack’ response?

3. What was the result?

Here are a few PushBack examples you can use or find your own:

– Historical
Cigarettes and Smoking Culture, Frito Bandito, lots of others.
Here’s a good link with lots of examples of boycotts and pushbacks

– Recent
Huggies, Mountain Dew, Australian protests , Nationwide ad meant to be jarring

Here’s an example from Huggies or the country of India with protests against skin
lightening creams (you can find some disturbing videos online). Consumers do have
power and sometimes they use it!

A quick thought, perhaps you can find an ad campaign, maybe historical on this one,
that tried a progressive/positive message and there was an attempt to shout it down.
Imagine a company back in 1942, during the height of war time xenophobia, trying to
show patriotic Japanese Americans using their product as way to protest against

internment/war prison camps. My point, a good campaign shunned by prejudice could
also be one of your examples. A recent example is the Cheerios commercial with
‘Gracie’ and the interracial family. Bigoted folks tried to shout it down, but Cheerios
responded by creating another commercial of the same family to cement its message.

– In general . . .

Research some successful boycotts or pushback campaigns in history and currently.
Focus on how consumers, en masse, forced a company to change its corporate
behavior and policy. One of the most famous examples was the Delano Grape Strike
and Boycott from 1965-70, led by Cesar Chavez and California farmworkers. Another
example was the University of Missouri football team boycott in 2015 (kind of media
related because school faced loss of $1.5 million in television money if they did not play
upcoming game).

In sum, look for proactive consumers and groups trying to send a different ‘PushBack’
message and hold advertisers/companies accountable to higher ethical standards.

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