L3A36 Developing your hypothetical human service program (attached), create the following: A mission statement for your program. A primary goal for yo

L3A36 Developing your hypothetical human service program (attached), create the following:

A mission statement for your program.
A primary goal for yo

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Developing your hypothetical human service program (attached), create the following:

  1. A mission statement for your program.
  2. A primary goal for your program.
  3. Specific measurable objectives that would help meet the goal you identified.
  4. A list of activities or services that would be helpful in meeting your objectives.

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Access to medicine is affiliated to political situations in the following ways. The rate of exposure of persons to diseases and death varies in different localities. Political practices and political institutions determine where there is full health availability and also the contrary, clients with income inequality face political inequality which aligns with neglect of the poor in access to health which is a causation of political inequality. When political violence becomes dormant and vicious, the destructions of health facilities, exposure to health hazards and deaths is inevitable. (V Navarro, 2020) Political incentives to allocation of resources to heath sector is a determinant of the nature of health institutional investment. Clients may not have access to health because of a political move of a nation to invest on other sectors like military which is not basic and downplay the health sector. (C Muntaner,2020) The use of allocated resources could prove futile if it is in control of selfish interest political moves for example corruption.

The economic factors that affect medicine and affordable health care are; economic disparity makes access to health a problem because medicine might be expensive, or the service of medicine is expensive. The effect of prolonged sickness causes economic crises, because the sickness causes weakness which is proportional to income generation. Economic problems cause prolonged sickness and premature deaths. (Sharma, R. 2018)

The social effect to the program I will discuss is food security and housing, with limited food, clients would be prone to nutrition based diseases, either in consumption of unhealthy foods, inadequate food or plenty food. All this play a role in the effect to the health of the populace. The social security of housing, is critical in causing positive of negative effect on the clients in that, availability of clean, accessible housing, rids away disease causing organisms and pathogens for example mosquitos. This are directing causes of sickness and poor health condition. (Charkhchi P, 2018)

In accessing the needs of the community, an observation of the population ratio to health centers present would be a determinant of the need to health care, the situation of the economy of the community would be helpful, I would ask them to tell me after a consensus of their needs as well as their strengths, and take note of them.

The greatest diversity that would affect my program is the economic diversity, the rich who can access health care would be reluctant to support or participate in my program because it does not serve their interest. On the other hand, the poor would probably welcome the program and embrace it as a savior to their health and livelihood. This is because essentially the program is to help the less economically empowered. The culture of synergy or collectiveness in a community would be a positive impact to both the program and the community because, in case they all or a majority of them especially the personnel with decision making authority, accept the program then it would have a positive impact. A culture of capitalism where the community lives independently, few persons would get the essence of the program to their livelihood.

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