Law Assignment Projects This like all assihnents in the project Legal Study Legault Arruda & Associates Gradua

Law Assignment Projects This like all assihnents in the project Legal Study

Legault Arruda & Associates


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This like all assihnents in the project

Legal Study

Legault Arruda & Associates

Graduation project – Paralegal Technology – JCA.1F

College CDI. Administration. Technology. Health.

Phase 6: Business Law

You are still employed by Me Jean-Claude Van Damme, of the law firm Legault Arruda &

Associés, general partnership.

Me Van Damme asks you to attend a meeting between him and a new client.

Name of the client: Rachid Lumande

Address: 2284, rue Ontario Est, Montréal (Québec) H2K 1V8

Telephone: 450-984-5214


File Number: 1854-2

Advance fee: 500$

At the meeting, you note the following facts:

· Félix is an architectural technician.

· In his spare time, he started to exploit his passion for painting and started selling a few
paintings, first to family and friends, then he expanded his clientele.

· Over the years, he has built a solid reputation to such an extent that he is overloaded with
work and is seriously considering leaving architecture to devote himself exclusively to his

work as a painter.

· Félix wishes to partner with his spouse Nancy Lambert to develop the business. Their
intention is to have equal participation.

· Félix and Nancy would therefore be founders, shareholders and directors.

· Félix and Nancy will both subscribe to 50 Class A shares of the company’s share capital for
a consideration of $50.

· Félix entrusts Me Van Damme with the mandate to do what is necessary for him to operate
his business as a provincial corporation under the name “Guilbo art Inc.”.

Work to be completed:

· Using the knowledge gained in the Provincial Trade Law course, please prepare a name
search report. You must report your search results clearly. Please indicate why you believe

the name meets or does not meet the requirements of the law.

* * *

After having discussed with Me Van Damme, you transmitted by using the online services of the

Registraire des entreprises the Articles of Incorporation, the Declaration of Name as well as the

Notice Establishing the Address of the Head Office / List of Directors and paid the regular rate

which you paid by credit card.

The Registraire des entreprises processes this application and issues the certificate of incorporation

of the company “FéGUI art inc.” dated August 3, 2020.

Me Van Damme now asks you to organize the corporation. To this end, it will be necessary to

adopt various resolutions and to draft some related documents. All documents will have to bear the

date of incorporation.

First of all, you must complete the subscription letters from Félix Guilbault and Nancy Lambert.

Then, you must complete the resolution required for the issue and distribution of 100 Class “A”

shares in favor of Félix Guilbault and Nancy Lambert.

Work to be completed:

· Using the knowledge acquired in the Provincial Trade Law course, please write two
subscription letters and a resolution of the Board of Directors.

Sample are available upon request.

* * *

Felix and Nancy have now started their business. However, in the context of the COVID-19

pandemic, business is not going as well as they had envisioned.

Me Van Damme therefore asks you to do some research to find two business assistance measures

that could help Felix and Nancy.

Work to be completed:

· Using the knowledge acquired in the Computerized Legal Research and
Provincial Trade Law courses, please identify and explain two business assistance

measures offered by the Quebec or Canadian government.

Additional instructions:

· In order to share your research results with Me Van Damme, you will have to produce a
memo (research note) in which you will take care to indicate your sources.

· Please insert a hyperlink of the websites consulted in the document that you will give to Me
Van Damme.

* * *

Finally, Me Van Damme recommends that you attend a Juris Concept training session in order to

develop your skills in corporate law.

You can find the training by clicking on the following link:

The password is formationLSE and it is recommended to use Chrome.

Me Van Damme will provide you with a list of questions to ensure your attention when listening

to the training.

1. What is the purpose of using the REQ Search tool?

2. True or false. The Minute Book, Corporate Information and Transactions tabs can be found

in all file types.

3. In the Corporate Information window, why is it important to choose the right legislative


4. Is it possible to fully import a share capital model? If so, how? If not, what should be done

to complete the share capital?

5. When creating the share capital, identify two elements that can be specified in connection

with dividend rights.

6. What can be found when accessing the Transactions tab? Identify two elements.

7. In order to order the documents recorded in a corporate file, what are the two elements to


8. Is it possible to incorporate a federal corporation from Juris Concept?

9. What can CRAC help you with?

Work to be completed:

· Using the knowledge acquired in the Provincial Business Law course, please listen to the
Juris Concept training and answer the nine questions in a Word file.

Deadline for submission : __9h00__November 9, 2020__________________________

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