Lit Literature homework help

Lit Literature homework help

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The Goal: To perform an in-depth exploration of a key author covered this term and create an informative and entertaining podcast (5 to 7 minutes long) discussing their works, themes, and impact on American literature.

Step One: Choose an author we’ve covered this term who piqued your interest. This is someone you should be interested in learning more about. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Step Two: Conduct your research. The best place to begin is our discussion forum and the course notes we’ve accumulated throughout our time together. The information-gathering process for this assignment has been a collaborative effort. You may, of course, step outside these notes if any remaining informational gaps need filling.

Step Three: Write your podcast script. The length will vary depending on how quickly you speak, but in order to fill the required 5-7 minutes, aim for approximately 1,000 words.

Your script should contain:

-An introduction: Hook the reader from the very first sentence by offering a few interesting facts or a story about the author.

-A brief biography of the author, highlighting the key points of his/her life.

-A discussion of their most famous/impactful works.

-A discussion of the key themes addressed in their works (with examples). Pay careful attention to any patterns that emerge and consider why this is.

-A description of whether the author is one of Encounters, Revolution, or Rebellion and your rationale for why this is (with examples).

-A conclusion that discusses the author’s impact on American Literature, and a few final words of wisdom/brilliance to close out your presentation with the highest impact.  

In addition, please reference at least three sources within the presentation. One should be a work by the author; two should be scholarly (peer-reviewed) sources from the APUS library. NOTE: These three sources *must* be directly quoted and cited within your script/podcast.

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