MBA 687 Module Two Memo Business & Finance homework help

MBA 687 Module Two Memo Business & Finance homework help

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As the HR consultant contracted to resolve issues related to miscommunication and workforce discontent at the U.S. branch of the Singaporean software solutions provider, you are expected to present a change readiness report and then submit a change management plan.

You have read that stakeholder analysis is an important requirement for change management. You know that you will soon need critical information from the VP of the U.S. unit to complete this activity. To convince the VP and the leadership team at both locations to share this critical information with you, you decide to send out a memo on the significance of stakeholder analysis in change management.


Write a short memo explaining the significance of stakeholder analysis. Specifically, you must address the following criteria:

  1. Describe the use of stakeholder analysis in organizational change management.
    • How will the identities of different stakeholders influence their views on change initiatives?
    • How can stakeholders encourage or inhibit change in an organization?
  2. Identify and explain at least three benefits of conducting a stakeholder analysis.
  3. Identify the key people in the organization:
    • Reference the Leaders’ Self-Evaluations to document your analysis.
    • Who are the critical stakeholders in the organization? Refer to the U.S. Branch Overview to identify the critical stakeholders.
    • Who could be interested in enabling change in the organization?
    • Why do you think these stakeholders will be interested in enabling change?
  4. Include any questions or additional information you will need from the company leadership to complete your stakeholder analysis.

Guidelines for Submission

Submit a 1- to 2-page Word document, using double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Sources should be cited in APA format. 

MBA 687: Employee Engagement Surveys

Response Rate
The survey response rate is the first indication of the level of employee engagement
in any organization. Of the 140 employees invited to take the survey, 40 responded,
which is a response rate of 28.5%. As a rule, rates higher than 50% are best, while
rates lower than 40% may indicate trust problems within the organization, lack of
faith in leadership, and employees’ reluctance to engage in improvement efforts
until leadership demonstrates a clear commitment to change.

Company Data
1. Years of service with this organization

Less than 1: 52.5% of respondents
1–2: 27.5% of respondents
3–5: 15% of respondents
6–10: 2.5% of respondents
11–15: 0
16+: 0
Prefer not to answer: 2.5% of respondents

2. My race/ethnic identification

African American or Black: 60% of respondents
Hispanic or Latino/a/x: 12.5% of respondents
Anglo American or White: 12.5% of respondents
Asian: 5% of respondents
American Indian or Pacific Islander: 0
Multiracial or Other: 7.5% of respondents
Prefer not to answer: 2.5% of respondents

3. I am currently in a supervisory role

Yes: 7.5% of respondents
No: 90% of respondents
Prefer not to answer: 2.5% of respondents

4. I received a merit increase during the past two years

Yes: 7.5% of respondents
No: 90% of respondents
Prefer not to answer: 5% of respondents

5. I received a promotion during the past two years

Yes: 7.5% of respondents
No: 90% of respondents
Prefer not to answer: 2.5% of respondents

6. I plan to be working for this organization in one year

Yes: 60% of respondents
No: 12.5% of respondents
Prefer not to answer: 27.5% of respondents

Employee Engagement Questions
Professional Development:

• In the last six months, my manager has talked to me about my progress, and
we developed goals to help me grow.

o 36% agreement
• I am satisfied with the on-the-job training I have received.

o 27% agreement
• There is adequate cross-training in my department.

o 36% agreement

Company Vision, Values, and Mission:
• I am familiar with the company’s vision and values.

o 26% agreement
• I have a clear understanding of the organization’s direction.

o 36% agreement
• The organization is changing for the better.

o 26% agreement

Teamwork or Workgroup:

• I receive the support I need from employees in my workgroup to do my job

o 89% agreement
• My coworkers make me feel that I am part of the team.

o 78% agreement
• I trust my coworkers.

o 83% agreement
• My workgroup cooperates to get the job done.

o 73% agreement

Senior Leader/Middle Manager:
• Senior leaders focus on creating a positive team atmosphere.

o 36% agreement
• Senior leaders are open, honest, and transparent.

o 36% agreement
• Senior leaders encourage and empower me to take initiative and suggest

o 26% agreement

• My middle manager is open, honest, and transparent.
o 70% agreement


• This company is a team-oriented organization.
o 36% agreement

• This company challenges the status quo and seeks continuous improvement.
o 18% agreement

• Employees have a strong sense of personal responsibility for the
performance of their department and the performance of the company.

o 80% agreement
• Overall, people care about my well-being at work.

o 34% agreement

Work Environment:

• I see the connection between the work I do and the benefits received by

o 65% agreement
• I have enough authority to make the decisions I need to make.

o 36% agreement


• I usually hear about important changes through management communication
rather than rumors.

o 36% agreement
• In my workgroup or team, my opinions count.

o 72% agreement


• The company tries to promote a work environment free from discrimination
and harassment.

o 41% agreement
• The environment at the company is supportive of the expression of different

opinions, styles, and perceptions.
o 18% agreement

• I am satisfied with the company’s efforts to support and encourage

o 34% agreement


• The technology, tools, and resources I have access to allow me to be as
productive as possible.

o 83% agreement
• Staffing levels have kept up with the increasing customer base, workload, and

o 26% agreement

• Deadlines set by senior management are realistic.
o 18% agreement

• I am given the opportunity to do my best work.
o 26% agreement

Performance Management:

• I have a clear understanding of work expectations.
o 60% agreement

• My performance has a significant and direct impact on my pay.
o 26% agreement

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