MGM_Dik3 Business & Finance homework help

MGM_Dik3 Business & Finance homework help

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Project Charter

Student’s Name

Institutional Affiliation


Instructor’s Name

Date Due

Project Charter

Project Title

Veggie Time Burger

Project Manager

David Smith

Business Case

The need to recognize and respond to market needs makes an organization outstanding among competitors. The executive team has realized the increased demand for vegetarian and vegan products in the industry, which has led to the need for coming up with a new burger called the “Veggie Time Burger” to compensate for the need in the market. The burger will not be just an ordinary burger, but with the right ingredients, it will tap fill the gap in consumer needs and make the business realize great potentials.

Project requirements

The project requirements which will make the launched burger b a time burger will be on the freshness of the veggies used and the uniqueness in the new toppings used to make it outstanding. The central part of the requirements is designing the burger and implementing the strategy that will make its presentability outstanding. Some of the leading products are mixed vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, French beans, green peas, green chilies, mushrooms, pumpkin ginger, and garlic. The side of spices will also vary with all flavors, spices from coriander, cumin, and turmeric powders. Burger buns will also be needed, and spiced mayonnaise dressing suits the best veggie burger. The mayonnaise needs to be outstanding to give the Veggie Time Burger an outstanding custom dressing.

Project scope

The project scope is for a new product launch that will tap the consumer base in vegetarian products, which is rising in demand. Thus, Elite Burger will use the Veggie Time Burger to attract the vegetarian market segment. The main aim is market penetration of the new product and making it successful.

Delivery date

The Veggie Time Burger project will take six months, and launching will be done on the 1st of July 2022.

Stakeholder Registry

Project stakeholders


Level of Interest

Power and Influence

Executive team

Project Sponsor and steering team


High power

High influence

David Smith

Project manager


High power and influence

Elite Burger Staff

Project users


Medium influence, medium power

Project team members

Project development and resource allocation


High influence


Offer consultation


Low power, high influence


Buy and consume the burger


High power, high influence


Offer competitive insight and advantage in terms of uniqueness


Medium power medium influence

Justification of interest, power, and influence

The executive team is the main sponsor and the source of the project, which makes their interest in the project very high. The power and influence of the project is the main driving force towards its success as it will mean access to resources and the allocation of time from other stakeholders (Project Management Institute, 2017). 

David Smith is a stakeholder of interest as he is responsible for launching the burger, meaning every step will require his input for it to be successful. He has a high measure and influence on the outcome of the project.

Elite Burger staff will have a high interest in the daily production process as that means more consumers and high returns. However, influence and power are medium as they all follow the policy given and directions from the project manager (Project Management Institute, 2017). 

The project team is mainly high-interest power and influence as their input determines the outcome of the burger during launching. The power and aspect influence can be seen in making changes in the recipe, which is part of the job through making various recommendations.

Consultants have a medium interest because they only offer consultation when required. The second attribute is related to medium power and influence as the consultation given does not necessarily have to be followed (Project Management Institute, 2017). 

The consumers are high interest, high power, and influence as they are the target market, and the outcome of the burger is related to how the consumers feel about it. Thus, input given by consumers needs to be high as the success of the products is related to them.

Competitors are a medium interest as the launching of the new product offers a competitive input to the market. At the same time, the power and influence are medium as unless aspects infringement of rights and policies, the entire outcome of the launching of the burger is bound to happen (Project Management Institute, 2017). 


Project Management Institute. (2017). A guide to the project management body of knowledge: PMBOK® guide (6th ed.). Newtown Square, PA: Project Management Institute.

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