Module 04 Course Project Psychology homework help

Module 04 Course Project Psychology homework help

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Module 04 Content


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Managing the emotions of clients involves understanding the strengths and weaknesses of clients so that the Human Services Professional is sensitive to client needs when actively engaged with them. Sometimes clients may respond through anger, shock, or may not show emotions outwardly. Still, the Human Services Professional has to assist all clients with processing individualized thoughts and feelings so that a progressive plan of action for addressing the crisis can be developed.

As you continue to develop the Crisis Support Plan for your chosen crisis situation, it is essential that you are ready to support a highly distressed client who is having difficulty working through the situation. In a 3-page paper, written in APA format using proper spelling and grammar, address the following:

1. Perform some library research to identify strategies that Human Services Professionals can use when managing clients in emotional and/or psychological distress post-crisis. Describe the techniques that you feel will be most valuable in your Crisis Support Plan. Be sure to cite your sources.

2. What factors in your scenario need to be considered when developing a plan for supporting your highly distressed client?

3. Why is it important for a Human Services Professional to manage highly distressed clients who are having difficulty managing their emotions independently? What are the potential outcomes (both positive and negative)?

What are the things that one should NOT do or say when working with highly distressed clients?

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