Moore GS 104 Weekly Assignment Please read carefully before u bid In this course, we will be doing a science experiment or progressive project over the nex

Moore GS 104 Weekly Assignment Please read carefully before u bid In this course, we will be doing a science experiment or progressive project over the nex

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Please read carefully before u bid 

In this course, we will be doing a science experiment or progressive project over the next 8 weeks.   Each week odd week (1,3,5, and 7)  we will add to the parts of the project.  In week 4/5, you will share data with a group of classmates.  In week 7, your assignment will be the full lab report which will be built from all of your previous work. 


Week One:  Observations, Research, Hypothesis – Lab Report Introduction

Week 1: Observations and Hypothesis

In observations, you make your own observations on your trash use and you will explore academic research on this topic.  From that information you will choose a hypothesis. For week 1 progressive project you complete these three times. 

1.    To begin the lab, you will need to make general observations about your personal trash or solid waste. Consider the following questions:

·         How long does it take you to fill up one trash can/bag?

·         How many bags of trash do you fill up in a week?

·         What are the most common items in your trash (ie plastic, paper, food, metal)?

·         How many items that your throwaway are single use items like plastic silver, individual water bottles or individually packed snacks affect your behavior?

·         Where does your trash go after you put it into the trash can?

·         How does trash impact the environment?

·         Do you recycle or compost?

·         Are there any changes in your lifestyle or the things that you buy that would decrease how much trash you have?

·         Do you think you have more or less trash than your neighbors?

Reflect on your answers to these questions and summarize what your answers and thoughts into four sentences.


2.  Choose one article to read and summarize from the list provided.

Achieving Zero Waste in San Francisco: Successes and Challenges. (2020). Journal of International Affairs, 73(1), 285–290

Docksai, R. (2014). A World without Waste? Futurist, 48(2), 16–20

Haugh, J. A. (2011). Decisions, Decisions: Cleaning Up America’s Recycling Confusion. Harvard Kennedy School Review, 11, 32–37

Williams, J., & Katz, S. (2014). Solid municipal waste audit analyses at Denver International Airport. Journal of Airport Management, 8(3), 197–205

3.   Now it is time to make a hypothesis. Based on your observations above, choose a hypothesis below for this lab:

a.    I generate more waste, on average, than my peers.

b.    I generate less waste, on average, than my peers.

c.     I recycle more of my waste, on average, than my peers.

d.    I recycle less of my waste, on average, than my peers.

Submit these three items for the week 1 Progressive Project Assignment.

In the Week 3 and Week 5 assignments you will be collecting, weigh and recording your trash for 24 hours; then comparing it to that of your peers.

We will begin testing this hypothesis in week 3 and sharing the data you collect in week 4. 



Week Three:  Data Collection/ Experiment — Methods

Week 3 Progressive Project:  Data Sheet

Name: ______________________________       Course: ____________________________

Start time:  Day ________   Date __________      End time: Day__________    Date _________

Part One: On the table below, record the waste that you collect over the 24-hour period.  Delete the sample.


What is the Item?

What is the

Material of the Item?

How many?

How was the item disposed of?

(trash, recycling, compost, burned)

What is an alternative method of disposal other than the trash?






Refuse the straw










Item Type

Weight in Lbs.

Percentage of total Weight is..

From the total weight, how much was trash?

From the total weight, how much was recycled?



Food waste


Mixed (metal/cardboard)


Other (explain)










Week Five:  


Week 5 Progressive Project:  Results and Data Analysis

Part 1: Combine your data and your classmate’s data from retrieve from the Week 4 progressive project group This is the data on the last line of the week 3 PP Data sheet. 

Item Type

Weight in Lbs.

Percentage of Total Weight

From the total weight, how much was trash?

From the total weight, how much was recycled?

Your name TOTAL






















Total Divided by 3






Part 2:  Graphing the Results:  Using above information, make a graph comparing your total and the average of your group using the Mathisfun website:

Title: Comparison of  _____________(from your Wk1 hypothesis)

X: Source of the (trash or recycling based on your Wk 1 hypothesis)

Y: Weight in lbs

Values:  weight of your total, average of the peer totals (these should be numbers only)

Labels:  your name, Group #

Insert your completed graph below:  (Snipping tool and paste or print screen, paste and crop)



Part 3: Data Analysis

What was your week one hypothesis? _____________________

Does the data support or falsify your week 1 hypothesis? Explain why or why not? 

Environmental Impact

If you and your group were to collect your trash for a year (365 days).  How much trash would that be?

Total trash: ______________  x 365 days = _____________ for one year

How much of your classes trash is being kept out of the landfill by being recycled?

Total recycling ______________ x 365 days = ______________ for one year.  



Week 7:  Full Lab Report

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