Muska( Assignemnt Due Bby 6 Feb expert only CJS 153 – Interviewing Skills: Ethical Dilemma Assignment – 10% An ethical dilemma arises when we differ ment

Muska( Assignemnt Due Bby 6 Feb expert only CJS 153 – Interviewing Skills: Ethical Dilemma Assignment
– 10%

An ethical dilemma arises when we differ ment

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expert only

CJS 153 – Interviewing Skills: Ethical Dilemma Assignment
– 10%

An ethical dilemma arises when we differ mentally in our understanding of what is right or

wrong. It also occurs when there is a mental disagreement between moral duties in which

subscribing to one will lead to violation of another


By the end of this assignment, students will be able to:

1. Understand mechanisms that can lead us to act unethically and identify their impact on

one’s life

2. Understand the situations that can lead to ethical misconduct in the field

3. Understand the concept of personal integrity and its implications

4. Understand the relationship between taking responsibility and being ethical

5. To access your ability to activate critical thinking while paying attention to detail

6. Acknowledge how our actions can impact all stakeholders involved

7. Demonstrate job readiness and responsibility for one’s own skill acquisition, actions

and decisions by managing deadlines through timely submission.


1. PLO 1 – Communicate in a manner consistent with professional ethics and practice, and
a respect for self, others and relevant law, policies and legislation.

2. PLO 4 – Collect information, observe, monitor, record, and assess client behaviour
accurately, and respond appropriately in compliance with legal and organizational

3. PLO 7 – Apply knowledge of the history, philosophy and diverse models of corrective
action of detention, rehabilitation and reintegration to decision-making and institutional

4. PLO 9 – Work in a manner consistent with professional ethics demonstrating respect for
self, others and relevant legislation, policies and procedure sin a multi-disciplinary

5. Identify and consider how individual biases, triggers, social location, experience and
values may impact interactions or contribute to oppression with respect to race,
ethnicity, national origin, color, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression,
age, marital status, political belief, religion, immigration status and mental or physical


Students enrolled in this course are required to use the scenario below to complete this

assignment. Using social justice principles learned so far and the model for resolving ethical

dilemmas, answer the following questions.

The structure of this assignment will be as follows.

1 . D ue Dat e

· This assignment is due no later than February 8th 2022 at 11:59pm

· Upload your paper to the Ethical Dilemma assignment drop box on Blackboard

2 . As sessm ent

· This in an individual assignment based on the knowledge gained from the lecture on

Confidentiality and Ethical Dilemmas.

· Grading will be based on your ability to demonstrate critical thinking as well as the

depth of your application of knowledge. (See Marking Rubric)

3 . Value

· This assignment is worth 10% of your final grade

· Due to the nature of this course, and the reality of the workplace, there will be

significant deductions for late submissions. See marking rubric

4 . Fram ework

· Your assignment must be typed, double spaced, 1” margins using Arial or Calibri 12pt.


· Your file must be saved with an appropriate file name and format. (Word or PDF)

works best. (Files that cannot be opened will be graded as 0 – See Marking Rubric)

· You must include a cover page formatted in APA style. Course materials must be cited

on a separate reference page.

· You must use the headings below to organize your pa[er. Note: This is NOT an essay.

Assignment submitted as one large paragraph will receive a mark of 0.

· Assignments submitted with the instructions attached will receive a mark of 0.

· You only have one opportunity for submission. Please ensure you are uploading the

correct file and that it is accessible. 0% for incorrect submissions.

5 . Co ntent

Your ethical dilemma has the potential to cause irreparable harm to your agency as well

as your client population among others. You are meeting with your supervisor and the

Chair of the Board of Directors to discuss your situation. You MUST submit this

information to the Board Chairperson in order for them to familiarize themselves with

the situation and help brainstorm an appropriate plan of action. There will be serious

implications if you do not follow through. See Marking Rubric.

**Be sure to copy and paste the scenario onto your response page before attempting to

answer the questions below.

1. Gather facts:

a. What are the facts in the scenario?

b. What questions do you need to ask yourself?

2. Identify Ethical Issue:

a. What type of ethical dilemma(s) is /are present in the scenario?

b. Which of the key area(s) of ethical competence is / are / could be violated?

3. Evaluate Options:

a. Using the Ethical Dilemma Matrix, demonstrate your thought process as you

work to resolve this dilemma. Be sure you consider at least four stakeholder

perspective. (Copy and paste the worksheet or create your own worksheet)

b. Who / what would you consult and why? (Identify at least two parties/

sources of information)

4. Action Plan:

a. What would YOU do? (This is about the decision you would make after your

consultations and thought process above)

b. What potential objections or implications do you anticipate

i. Identify at least one objection / assumption that an outsider may have

to your decision.

ii. What is one assumption someone may make about your decision

based on your position as a student in the agency?

iii. What can be the implication (positive or negative) of your decision to

you, your agency or their clients as a result of your action?

c. What values and principles do you believe have priority and why? (use the

Ethical Values and Principles diagram in the lecture material to help structure

your answer)

i. Use this value and principle to create an argument to justify your

position in no more than two paragraphs.


You are hired as a youth worker at an agency that works with youth at risk. You believe you have been
doing a great job as a counselor and have maintained good working relationships with most of
clients. Despite being happy in your current job, you are ambitious, and is applying for other jobs with a
greater possibility for career advancement.

You recently have a new job offer from another agency, so you will leave the current position in a
month. You cannot wait to join the new team and to learn more about the administrative aspect of the
field. You have started the case transfer process and informed your clients about your departure as
well. You know that this will be difficult as you have a great professional and friendly working
relationship with all your clients, particularly those who are showing signs of growth and progress.

After reviewing your caseload that should be transferred to your colleagues, you were not sure if your
colleagues would be able to serve your clients well. You believe that some of them are only in this for
the money and really do not care about the wellbeing of the clients in the same way. You think that
your clients are fragile and truly depend on you for support. You have decided to give your clients your

personal email and phone number in case they need your help. You do not have new work credentials
yet so in the meantime they can reach you anytime they need to.

  • CJS 153 – Interviewing Skills: Ethical Dilemma Assignment – 10%

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