NAACP MARKETING STRATEGY It is critical to make the best of every interaction with the customer. Using the same organization selected in Week 1 for the

NAACP MARKETING STRATEGY It is critical to make the best of every interaction with the customer.

Using the same organization selected in Week 1 for the

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It is critical to make the best of every interaction with the customer.

Using the same organization selected in Week 1 for the course project (ATTACHED), address the following:

Summarize the key product/service offered by your organization, including the role of the customer service department or direct service required to make a sale to the customer.

Create and defend a diagram or flowchart detailing the service delivery process. The chart should clearly identify each contact point (e.g. frontline employee, supervisor, delivery, etc.) before, during, and after the purchase. Your defense of the diagram should detail the role of each contact and assess why each role is critical to the entire service delivery process. (For assistance, review Service Delivery lecture tab and click here for a Service Delivery Infographic).

Analyze at least three possible contact point failures in the service delivery process for your organization. Why do you consider these to be possible contact point failures?

Justify recommendations to prevent or address the potential contact point failures and enhance service delivery in your organization. Be sure to consider how customers will benefit by your recommendations.

Defend a statement positioning the brand around the new/improved services.

Submission Details:

Submit your answers in a 6- to 9-page Microsoft Word document, using APA style.



Introduction of the Organization

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People is an American civil rights organization that deals in advancing justice for people of color. The organization was formed in 1909 to ensure social, political and educational rights equality for all people and eliminate racial discrimination and hatred for people of color. The organization’s headquarters is at Baltimore, Maryland in the United States. Its chairman is Leon Russell and the CEO is Derrick Johnson. The organization has a membership of 500000 and operates under a budget of $24828336 (Delgado & Stefancic, 2020). In the United States, the NAACP has a board of 64 members which elects the president. Since its formation, the organization has never had a woman president. The departments of the NAACP are governed by the branch and field services and the youth and college department. The organization’s non-current records are stored at the library of congress since 1964 (Delgado & Stefancic, 2020). The NAACP is among the most trusted organizations in the fight for equality in the United States. This paper will analyze the organization, its activities, the industry it operates in and the future prospects of performance.

SWOT Analysis

The SWOT analysis is used by organizations to understand the market they operate in. this analysis shows the strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities. The NAACP SWOT analysis is conducted to help in decision making so as to accomplish business objectives and goals. The following is the NAACP SWOT analysis.


· The organization’s geographic presence in different countries. This position ensures that the business easily reaches its customers and target market (Teoli et al., 2019).

· The organization has a strong online presence. The company operates in different social media platforms which create a platform for growth and developing strong relationships with its customers.

· The organization has a wide product portfolio. This allows the organization to grow as its diversity attracts customers.

· Competent and committed human capital. This acts as the company’s competitive advantage.

· Brand loyalty and popularity. NAACP is a known brand that most people seek services from (Teoli et al., 2019). This has led to attracting new customers into the organization.


· Criticism from environmentalists. NAACP has been criticized for its poor waste management and inability to integrate sustainability (Vlados, 2019). This has led to poor performance as customers focus on working with companies that maintain and conserve the environment.

· Insufficient budget. The organization mostly acts as a charitable organization, offering services for free for most of its customers. Being a civil rights organization, the organization faces challenges in funding and staffing. This has resulted ton poor performance thus less profitability.

· Poor inventory management (Vlados, 2019). This has led to the organization loosing important data fo0r both the company and its customers.

· Inability to understand customers’ needs. The organization has a difficulty in understanding the expectations of its customers. This has resulted into poor performance hence poor rating.


· The exponentially growing population. The rapid growth in population annually presents NAACP with an opportunity to grow. This is because many people will need to seek legal services from the organization hence increasing the organization’s customer base (Teoli et al., 2019).

· The changing needs of the customers. This presents an opportunity to focus on the customers’ expectations and demands, thus presenting a good market for NAACP.

· Increase in customers’ disposable income is an opportunity for NAACP to grow (Teoli et al., 2019). This is because with enough income, people will seek services from the organization.

· Government subsidies and support is an opportunity to grow as it ensures the working conditions of the organization are favorable.


· Strict regulations. Government regulations have hindered business activities for NAACP thus leading to a lower performance (Vlados, 2019).

· Deteriorating economic conditions. This means that people will not have enough money to seek services from NAACP thus losing in business.

· Shortage of skilled labor in the market makes it difficult for the organization to get the right skills and talent for job performance (Vlados, 2019).

Mission Statement

NAACP’s mission statement is to secure the social, educational and political rights equality for all citizens despite their affiliations based on race, color and ethnicity. The mission statement focuses on upholding individual human rights and improving communities (Bragg, 2020). It shows its target customers are people that require human rights services. The statement also depicts its products to be human rights services. The statement discusses its core competencies, by showing that it delivers its products and services through direct contact with its customers. The statement provides assurance for successful process of the organization’s services.

However, the mission statement is not clear to a new customer and needs revision. For a mission statement to be clear, it should elaborate on the customers, products, market, core competencies and measurability. For instance, the mission statement could be “to secure social, educational and political equality rights for all people of color in the united states through providing legal services to fight for these rights.”


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Delgado, R., & Stefancic, J. (2020). Against Equality: A Critical Essay for the NAACP and Others. Hastings Const. LQ48, 235.

Teoli, D., Sanvictores, T., & An, J. (2019). SWOT analysis.

Vlados, C. (2019). On a correlative and evolutionary SWOT analysis. Journal of Strategy and Management.

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