Nursing (Community And Public Health Nursing CIR) Nursing homework help

Nursing (Community And Public Health Nursing CIR) Nursing homework help

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Cultural Interview Questionnaire

Each student will identify and interview someone from a different culture than themselves. The student chooses to define what “different” looks like and may be based upon any number of things (i.e. ethnicity, race, religion, class, gender, age generation, sexual orientation etc.).

· With the attached Cultural Interview Questionnaire (see the attach template document), please upload a copy of all questions asked of the interviewee with submission of your assignment and responses to all questions.

· The interviewee can be a patient, neighbor, fellow student, or co-worker. Interviewee is from a different culture than the student.

· Follow-up or probing questions are asked to encourage dialogue and a shared learning about cultural differences

· Traditions are explored in detail

· In order to receive full credit, there should be additional questions asked of interviewees beyond the Cultural Interview Questionnaire template.

· Please see the Tips for Maximizing Your Cultural Interview page for additional suggestions: Tips for Maximizing your Cultural Interview Tips for Maximizing your Cultural Interview (see the attached document)



Cultural Interview Reflection Essay

After conducting the Cultural Interview, you are to complete the following essay:

· Student learning is highlighted in a 1-2-page double spaced essay in APA 7th format. APA format includes a title page, pagination, appropriate margins, appropriate in-text citation, appropriate font, appropriate reference format as well as correct spelling and punctuation.

· At least two scholarly references are included and pertains to the nurse’s role in working with clients from different cultures.

· Your essay should address the following:

· Introduction/overview

· One section including a comparative analysis or interpretation of your culture and your interviewee’s culture discussing the various attributes and what you learned from them.

· The other section should focus on how you will apply/integrate what you learned from your cultural interview experience into your professional nursing practice.

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