Nursing (Health Health Education Project) Nursing homework help

Nursing (Health Health Education Project) Nursing homework help

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Health Education Project

Community Health Education Assignment done during clinical.

Community and Public Health Nurses are involved in community and individual education. It is critical that nurses find and use materials, documents, and media that are appropriate for the intended audience in community health initiatives.

You and possibly another student will identify a health message relevant to the population being served. The product of this assignment will be a health message in the form of a poster board/pamphlet/ webpage. The product must contain the components of attractiveness, comprehension, acceptance, persuasion, self-efficacy, and use evidence-based practice to build content. Use the resources on BlackBoard’s Health Education weekly session to help you design your product.

Guidelines for the health education poster/ pamphlet/webpage:

· Format/Layout:

Is the information organized clearly and geared toward the intended population?

Do headers cue the reader? (headers help the reader visualize what is next)

· Is there a 50% to 50% allocation of white and black space?

· Is the information easy to read and uncluttered?

Is the type or font a readable size? (consider the age of your intended audience)

Is the information current, accurate, and relevant to the intended audience?

Is the information culturally acceptable? Does the content reflect the racial and ethnic diversity of the intended audience?

· Are difficult terms defined?

· What is the reading level?

· Will the reader understand the intended meanings of the pictures?

· Do the pictures reflect the target audience’s racial and ethnic diversity?

· Are the graphics accurate, current, and relevant to the intended audience?

· Is the education engaging to the population?

· Include at least 5 evidence-based references to support teaching content and population education.

Upload your Health Education Project here: it can be a PDF, PP, JPEG or web link.

(Attached is the rubric used for grading).

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