Nursing (Nurses Role Health Care Policy) Nursing homework help

Nursing (Nurses Role Health Care Policy) Nursing homework help

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Brief Essay: If you could change one thing about health care in the U.S., what would it be?

Directions: Identify an issue, problem, or something else you would change about health care in the U.S. if you could.

· Write an essay of no more than 2 pages describing it.

· Why did you identify this issue or problem (etc.)—why is it important or significant?

· What change would you want to see—what solution or improvement?

· What do you think would be required to make this happen?

Your choice of topic is completely up to you—you can think big or small. Give it some thought before responding. Feel free to be creative (but not too outrageous). I am not presupposing any specific knowledge about health policy, how policy change happens—we’ll spend a semester learning about that. I want your ideas and opinions here—for this assignment (and this assignment only!), you are not required to include references. Spelling and grammar count, but otherwise this does not need to be in APA format.

1. Submit your assignment here and

2. Also post a one-paragraph summary of your assignment in this week’s Discussion Board.

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