Pa351 Since you will be addressing this as a scenario from the perspective of present day, there is no need to include these questions or the answers in y

Pa351 Since you will be addressing this as a scenario from the perspective of present day, there is no need to include these questions or the answers in y

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Pa351 Since you will be addressing this as a scenario from the perspective of present day, there is no need to include these questions or the answers in your paper unless you feel they apply.

Do not answer these questions specifically, but they may help formulate your thought process as you read the article and apply the SARA Model:

What was studied?

Who was studied?

How was it studied?

What was found?

Note – If you quote…then I should see a proper citation. This is a 300-level class please pay close attention to grammar/punctuation. Good luck and feel free to contact me should you need assistance.

Read the study Sex Offender Community Notification: Assessing the Impact in Wisconsin. I have included it as a PDF file. This is assignment is a more traditional research paper outlining your assessment and response to questions presented in the scenario below.

As you read the article on Sex Offender Registration, and the impact this had on all aspects of the community (law enforcement, parole/probation, victims and the community where the offender will reside) I want you to give consideration to the sex offender(s) themselves. They are now going to be a part of this community.

As you read the study, I want you to consider the protection provided by the 8th amendment to the constitution with respect to cruel and unusual punishment.

For example is it a form of cruel and unusual punishment to require a sex offender who has met the conditions of their punishment (time served, rehabilitation, restitution etc.) to become publicly exposed to the point of public humiliation, employment discrimination and potential physical injury as a result of the Sex Offender Notification Law?

Keep in mind the advancement of technology since in 2000, when these laws first took effect. At that time the Internet was not really an active participant in our daily lives. But today the world is at our fingertips, literally with smartphones. Hence, why I believe we are in a new era of policing called the “Technology Era.”

*Your assignment is to address the following scenario.

You have been tasked with resolving community concerns (from a police perspective) associated with several sex offenders who will be moving into the local community.

An active group known as NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard) is actively pushing back strong, so community members fear having the sex offenders reside in their neighborhood.

Utilizing problem solving strategies adopted from this course of study (SARA Model), explain your course of action to include potential obstacles and your plan for mitigation.

The following questions are provided to give you context regarding what you should include in your response that outlines your plan of action:

· Who are the stakeholders and how can you bring them all to consensus and collaboration?

· How can the media assist?

· What ethical challenges are presented for law enforcement?

· How would you utilize the SARA model?

· What role does technology play (sex offender websites, crime mapping, social media etc.)?

Do not make this assignment harder than it needs to be. The situation is a common one faced by many communities every day. Your paper should be single spaced, utilizing no more than 3 to 5 pages, which includes a reference page (no cover page/title page required). Provide a detailed response as required and use at least 3 different references (textbook can be one source) and properly cite them as well as list them on a separate page at the end.

· Don’t forget to answer the question about the 8th amendment (cruel and unusual punishment).

I have included links to the Arizona sex offender registration page and the Arizona State Statute that covers sex offender registration; to provide you with updated information to consider when writing about the technology aspect of your discussion. These links may help provide you with additional information or provide context to information you believe is important.

Arizona Department of Public Safety Sex Offender Compliance

Offender Watch

Arizona Revised Statutes

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