Packback #1 English homework help

Packback #1 English homework help

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For this week’s Packback select a recent news article (within the past 6 months) that relates to a leader, company, or other organization acting in an IMMORAL OR AMORAL way. Use concepts and principles from the course to provide insight into your question and in your responses. 


In order to receive your 15 points per week, you must post:

  • 1 Question with a minimum Curiosity Score* of 70 (worth 9 points) NOTE: Use the BRIGHT RED ASK A NEW QUESTION BUTTON (located on your Packback community home page) to get credit for posting a question.
  • 1 Link to a news article from a reliable source that relates to the course content for the week and your Packback question. NOTE: The article you choose each week should drive the focus of your Packback Question.
  • 2 Answer Responses with a minimum Curiosity Score* of 70 (worth 4 points each for a total of 8 points)


When choosing a recent news article for the Packback Discussions, students can use any reputable news publication. Below are a few examples of appropriate publications that are available to all students free of charge through School Student News Readership Program:

  • Wall Street Journal
  • New York Times
  • Centre Daily Times
  • Daily Collegian

The deadline to post each week is Sunday at 11:59 PM (Eastern). If your post is moderated (removed from the discussion), you will receive an email. You have until Monday immediately following the Sunday deadline to edit and resubmit your corrected post. Otherwise, your points will not count. There are no makeups for Packback assignments.

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