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How to Get the Best Grade for the Physics Homework

Physics homework can be a challenge for anyone. That is why getting all the help you can with your homework is the best way to stay on top of things.

Firstly you need to stay organized.

  • Organization is important for all students. Learning how to stay organized with your homework now will bode quite well for you in the future. One of the best ways to stay organized is with a calendar. Try and use a physical calendar in a place where you can see it a lot. Avoid an electronic one because you need the tactile response of writing down a task for that task to really sink into your memory.
  • When you make a calendar try and break it down by week and by day. You want to have a weekly calendar where you can list the big tasks you have for your physics class (and all other classes) as well as a daily calendar where you can list the daily assignments such as labs or textbook questions.
  • Having this calendar will always keep you apprise to what you have due. So on nights where you don’t think you have any homework you can look at your calendar and perhaps prepare note cards for your upcoming physics quiz or start on the lab questions for the next week. This will keep you ahead of the curve and never leave you working on a project the night before.

You want to ensure that you take larger projects and tasks and break them down into smaller ones. So if you have a big report due for your physics class at the end of the month you should break it down into smaller tasks each day such as reading the chapters or finishing the notes at the end of the text. This will make it much easier to complete your homework.

Having this calendar and breaking down small tasks will also teach you time management. Some tasks are going to be more important than others. This will remain true your entire life. In school a homework lab might be rolled in with all of your homework grades and amount to ten percent of the total grade but your final report will be worth fifty percent. That being said if it comes down to having to choose between a lab for homework or finishing your final report you should choose the one that is worth more.

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