Professional Consulting in Information System (IS) – Project plan and report Professional Consulting in Information System (IS) – Project plan and report

Professional Consulting in Information System (IS) – Project plan and report Professional Consulting in Information System (IS) – Project plan and report

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Professional Consulting in Information System (IS) – Project plan and report

Project Idea:

development, adoption and implementation of Customer Relationship management system (CRM) in business.



1. Project Plan and Proposal Development

2. The plan is a detailed document that answers the questions why, what, and how. It includes the

following sections and information (attached)

3. Project Implementation

4. The Project Report

Project Implementation

In this phase, you will put your plan to work. Once you have completed your project, developed
your deliverables, and reached your conclusions, you must prepare a written report. The final
report and accompanying deliverables must be approved by your course professor before you can
submit to the MSIS faculty for the final defense. Be sure to give the MSIS faculty at least one
week before your desired presentation date to effectively review the project. Follow the
formatting guidelines as documented in the formatting guideline document. You can download a
copy from the Graduate School website or the course shell.

The Project Report (see also Part II, Report Format and Layout document)
While the plan described what you were going to do, the report tells what you have completed.
You will build upon the written plan. All reports should include the following sections:

1. Executive Summary
a. A concise summary or the important points of the report (one page maximum).

Write this last.
2. Introduction

a. Brief overview of the report
3. Statement of problem or question you identified

a. Restatement of the problem you identified and addressed in the project proposal.
b. Is it the same problem described in your plan? If not, why not? How and why did it

change? Did your committee approve the change?
i. Repeat what you discovered in your literature search describing how the problem

is typically addressed and add any new material you discovered about this

ii. What solutions or techniques are being used?
iii. What technology is current and is it effective?

4. Objectives (Goals, purpose)
a. Present the project objectives. Very specifically discuss the outcomes expected.
b. What are the deliverables?

5. Results and Conclusions
a. Describe what you did to achieve your objectives. In your plan, you indicated what

activities you planned, what actions you intended to undertake to complete the
project, and your project plan. Now in this section you describe how this worked.
What you did and how you did it.

b. Cite any references you used to help with the project solution.
c. Did you achieve your objective?
d. Do you create all the anticipated deliverables, if not why?
e. What did you learn? Document any lessons learned.
f. What do you see for future or additional work?

6. Submit the final version of your written report to your professor at least one week prior
to the date on which you wish to make your formal presentation. You will not be given a
presentation date until you and the course professor agree that the written report is

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