Project Report Revise 3 Parker streets, London UK, E1 7BS (888)-123-4567 Date: October 15, 2021, To: Matilda Storm, CEO of Gems Galore Jewelry

Project Report Revise 3

Parker streets, London UK, E1 7BS (888)-123-4567
Date: October 15, 2021,
To: Matilda Storm, CEO of Gems Galore Jewelry

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Project Report Revise 3

Parker streets, London UK, E1 7BS (888)-123-4567
Date: October 15, 2021,
To: Matilda Storm, CEO of Gems Galore Jewelry
From: John wick, Senior Web Officer
Subject: Progress Report For New Company Website


Gems Galore Jewelry Company has been using an old website developed in 2017 and is not compatible with the ever-changing trends in the modern world. The project aims to develop a new online website that can take into account the new emerging issues with the new technologies. The new project is geared towards enhancing the company’s efficiency in its manufacturing by creating brand awareness, increasing the sales made online, and spreading more awareness to customers on its goods and services. It is almost four weeks since the project kicked off, and it’s expected to last for seven or nine weeks. Most of the activities have been executed though some are yet to be implemented.


The proposed website would be mobile-friendly to the users. In addition, the website is usable to anyone and everyone, even those with limited vision and fashionable. The contents of the project outline history details of the company, including the previous website in use and its pros and cons. Additionally, links to the company’s profile and blog spots to inform clients on the new company developments and innovations. Also, the website includes the contact links such as the company’s emails, cellphone numbers, and advanced payment methods such as PayPal, which have to be implemented. As the project implementer, the responsibility is content creation to improve the organization’s image and Copywrite.


Since the project started, it’s been almost four weeks, and only three out of the seven tasks have been completed. However, the three completed tasks are critical in any website development project. The first activity done is creating and optimizing the search engine to incorporate the company’s details and history. Secondly is creating a portal for customer service, including a blog to communicate the products and services offered. Lastly is the improvements made to the visual design of the company’s profile. Some of the challenges include not being able to clearly define the web’s objective but solved through having a stakeholder meeting to define the aim clearly. Insecurity of the web development process is a challenge that is anticipated though it might be collected by having strong security passwords at each phase. The tasks remaining include coding both front end and back for the software, training the technical team on the software, and carrying out tests for quality assurance to be completed in the remaining three to five weeks.




Website development


Digital marketing and social media


Training and testing





As the timelines indicated in the proposal, the website will be ready by January 2022. The expectations are that the website will increase online sales for the company and contribute to selling the company’s image globally and creating awareness of products and services delivered.

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